Photos: Assassin Arrested For Killing Ibadan Politician Caught Taking Selfie With Handcuffs

assassin taking selfie ibadan

August 9, 2016 – Pictures: Hired Killer, Suspected Assassin Arrested For Killing Ibadan Politician Caught Taking Selfie With Handcuffs

One of the 4 suspected hired killers arrested in connection with the murder of Ibadan-based politician Gideon Aremu has been caught on camera taking selfie while tied with handcuffs.

The suspect dared the officials of Oyo State police command on Monday when he suddenly took out his Samsung phone to take selfie with no one to challenge him.

The four suspects were paraded by Oyo Police Commissioner Oyebade Leye at the Command Headquarter in Eleyele Ibadan yesterday.

A suspect taking selfie in police presence….Na so Naija police dull??

19 thoughts on “Photos: Assassin Arrested For Killing Ibadan Politician Caught Taking Selfie With Handcuffs

  1. Police no get mouth. They’re even afraid of him somehow. But that assassin is a big fool. Was he trying to show off or what?

  2. PERHAPS he wants to make a documentry of his life as a criminal. He must have done it when nobody was watching.

  3. How come a criminal was not disposed of everythg on him when arrested, what if he has a gun or knife on him to attack someone even d police themselves.
    This only shows how unprofessional our law enforcement agents can be, what a shame.
    Naija for show, such a blunder.

  4. Infact, only people with upper hand enjoy most in Nigeria, u never know maybe it was the police that graciously grace him to do so. Who know. 9ja with eating talent.

  5. That phone is not suppose to be with him in d first place! D police should take it from him, go through the phone for proper investigation. they can use this means to track other members of the group

  6. This is one example of police incompetence, the same guy will take their (police) pictures and send it to other gang members. Anyway assassins authomatically qualified for de-oxygenation by hanging.

  7. May be the guy has guaranteed his release by one of the politicians who sent him on killing mission otherwise if this guy happens to be in China or Indonesia waiting on death row, by now he will be praying for miracle to happen. What do we expect in a lawlessness Country? For the fact that this criminal was allowed to use his cell phone publicly indicated he will be released soonest.

  8. Pls research all things and hold fast that which is true. the phone was among the items stonely from the deceased.

  9. Pls research all things and hold fast that which is true. the phone was among the items stonely from the deceased.

  10. There are three things here: Either this guy is not the actual person who committed the crime he was accused of or he is a hardened criminal or probably an undercover.

    Nigeria Police are good in parading wrong people as a show off that they are working while protecting the big fish.

  11. I Agee with your comment @ babe that it is his ankles that are cuffed and not his hands. Regarding the guy taking a selfie, if it is correct that that is what he used the phone for at the time his illustrated picture was taken, it could mean any of several things like – 1. The shamelessness of criminals over being caught and paraded. Indeed the recent trend shows that criminals regard their notoriety as fame and actually hope they will be shown on tv and their names mentioned as having carried out the act. They appear to hate obscurity.
    2. If the guy is not a participant in the suspected crime, he might want some documentation of his arrest for use as evidence in prosecuting the person who caused his arrest for malicious prosecution or defamation or such actions, when eventually he is cleared of wron doing.
    3.he could be transmitting a codified message to some ally of his as pre-agreed by them in event of his being arrested.. The possibilities are many.
    As for why he is allowed to keep the phone while under arrest, while it is correct that the phone should have been seized from him, it is also possible the police allow him use of the phone as a bait, hoping he will send through a message to the person(s) who hied him and thus have traceable link to such people which they cannot claim is mere “set up” by the assassin .
    This is a very unfortunate waste of lives of these misguided youths, however one looks at same. Unfortunate indeed!!!

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