CAC Pastor, Nigerian Accountant Kayode Samuel Jailed In UK For Stealing £4.1M From Schools

cac pastor jailed uk fraud

June 28, 2016 – CAC Pastor, Nigerian Accountant Kayode Samuel Jailed In UK For Stealing  £4.1Million From British Schools

A Woolwich Crown court has sentenced 59-year-old Nigerian pastor, Kayode Samuel, to nine years imprisonment for stealing £4.1 million (equivalent of about N1.6 billion) from the accounts of some state schools.

Samuel, an accountant, was arrested in October 2012. His conviction on Friday came after almost one year of trial. Samuel, a part-time pastor, was told by the court to pay £4.1 million back to the Haberdashers’ Aske’s chain of academies more than a year ago. He, however, failed to do so. The fraud had been kept secret, for almost two years. It was described as Britain’s biggest ever education fraud. During the hearing, it was revealed that Samuel spent the stolen loot on women; his late wife, a second wife and two mistresses.

He was also believed to have transferred some of the stolen money to Nigeria. Samuel was said to have acquired expensive cars such as Mercedes, Audi TT sports car and Infinity, £500 Gucci shoes and Louis Vuitton briefcase for himself and his women. During the hearing, Samuel denied complicity in the fraud, insisting that his late wife, Grace, and an office junior set him up and transferred the money to their joint account just to punish him for his extramarital affairs.

The court heard how Samuel spent seven years carrying out the fraud and steadily picking accounts of Haberdashers’ Aske’s state schools in south London, now an academy chain acclaimed by the government. Samuel spent tons of money on his real wife Grace’s private healthcare – until her death, aged 53, in 2013. It was also revealed that he signed documents showing he was making investments with Miss Halima, and renting flats in Kent for ‘partners,’ Toyin Lawal and Yetunde Turtak.Samuel went to work at Hatcham in 1997 and rose to become accounts manager for the whole chain.

According to Dailymail, Samuel was paid £57,000 a year, and told colleagues of his work as a pastor in the Christ Apostolic Church, South London, peppering his conversations with ‘praise the Lord’. In October 2012, it emerged that a large sum of money was missing from the academies’ funds. Dailymail reported: “Kayode’s assets and those of his wife, Grace, who died aged 53 last year, were then frozen.

grace samuelLate Grace Samuel

It appeared that huge sums of school money had been paid into a bank account in Nigeria and a company called Samak, which is said to be run in Nigeria by Kayode’s second wife, Yoni, although he denies any wedding has taken place.

“The trust launched a High Court case to reclaim the missing cash but the accountant denied wrongdoing and claimed ‘all transactions had been authorised by the finance director.’ However, the judge found in the trust’s favour last July and ordered Kayode and the estate of his late wife to pay back more than £4 million plus interest.”

[By Juliana Francis, Daily Telegraph]

9 thoughts on “CAC Pastor, Nigerian Accountant Kayode Samuel Jailed In UK For Stealing £4.1M From Schools


  2. He is not an ordained pastor, how can a man of God be having mistresses up and down and a second wife, stealing money for years not even a one time thing. God already said it that many are called but few will be chosen.
    He thinks he is in naija, they keep on soiling nigeria name with their foolish ways.
    So dissappointed with d nine years jail term they should av added 100 strokes of cane with it.

  3. I am intrigued, why is it that Christianity is now synonymous with fraud? most of the so called pastor/prophets appears to have propensity to defraud the masses.This pastor was given the opportunity and responsibility to look after children’s educational needs and he just squander the resources buying materials things and having so many concubines.This goes to show that the primary aims of the people going into the ‘profession’ is to amass material things by hook or crook. it clearly obvious in their operations. The internet is awashed with every imaginable crimes being perpetrated by the so called men of god. If this were in Nigeria this man will be enjoying and immune from prosecution claiming to be man of god.They will be calling him daddy. Imagine what £4.1 million pound could have done for the children of that community. I did a cursory search on the net and low and behold so many atrocities by pastors/prophets including rape of minor and debauchery murder gun-running and land grabbing the list is endless, They are misusing the prestige and respect the title commands to facilitate these crimes.To most people now the fasted way to acquiring material wealth is to open a church and profess to be a pastor/prophet/prophetess since there is no formal way of tracking and accreditation; most are now being run like the trading style whereby you settle your shop assistance with a shop or money to setup their own having ‘served’ under one church for some years.its high time people start opening their eyes to the new cancer that is now eating into our communities they have now become part of the problem rather than solution.

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