Photos: Charly Boy Steals The Show As Igbo Chiefs Follow Kanu To Court In Abuja Today

charly boy kanu abuja court

April 6, 2017 – Photos: Charly Boy Steals The Show As Igbo Chiefs Follow Kanu To Court In Abuja Today

Area fada Charly Boy Oputa was in court today with key Igbo leaders from the South East & South South.

Kanu felt on top of the world today as his people came out in mass to show their support at the Federal High Court in Abuja today.

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8 thoughts on “Photos: Charly Boy Steals The Show As Igbo Chiefs Follow Kanu To Court In Abuja Today

  1. Is this guy-Nnamdi Kanu in Nigerian prison? Why is he dressing in a Jewish religion attire as an Igbo freedom fighter instead of wearing prison uniform or Igbo attire? If you have to pretend to be something different from your true identity and culture in order to stay relevant, then something is seriously wrong with your personality and your ideology. It is the peak of insanity and hypocrisy for Kanu and those Nollywood corrupt beggers to suddenly refereed to a 419, jobless, and a mannerless guy as Igbo leader. If Kanu Nnamdi who never holds any job rather than begging for money from dumb and unsuspecting Igbo to finance his lavish lifestyle is now Igbo leader or freedom fighter, something is seriously wrong somewhere. However, because of PMB inability or unwillingness to arrest those Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram tertiorist leader that have killed innocent villagers, children, mothers and many more people around the nation with AK-47, I think is high time for PMB administration to release Kanu with written promisery note to denounce promoting violence, hatred, and tribalism on that illegal radio Biafra. Mr. Kanu’s continues detention is no longer justifiable in the absence of justice to thousands of victims of Fulani herdsmen massacres. In addition to that, Sakau of Boko Haram tertiorist is still walking free in the Samsabia forest.Kanu offenses are not even close in term of magnitude compares to that of Fulani herdsmen and Sakau of BH. But the Jewish people will never recognize any Igbo or African as one of them because they are very conservative in nature. So why is dumb Kanu now dressing in Judaism dress for sympathy from who? I guess from the Israeli Jewish. Why not dress in your cultural or heritage way? This guy is fake, and a smart criminal. I have no respect for anyone who is exploiting other people and spending their money in the name of false freedom.

    • ****** how can you comparing kanu with Shekau who is where about is not known to the military and even you, when Kanu was in London who arrested him? U need to go and bring Shekau to the city and see what happen to him,Kanu can dress the way he like freedom expression may not always work in Naija but dressing code need no permission.

    • SHAMEFUL u kn that the courts acquitted kanu and the FG Refused to honor it and kept on trying him day after day what do u term false freedom?OPC from yoruba clan fought for same freedom which provided two factions uptill today.the ganiyu adama and the fred fasheun faction .people fighting for soverignty according to united nations charter is legitimate which the briafrians has met after fulfilling such has divorced from EU ,south sudan from sudan,georgia and ukrainebosnia from ussr.
      get your facts right rather than bias write ups.

  2. Omokehide, your not an igbo and you have no right to comment on this issue, we the igbos know what we are going through in the so called Nigeria

  3. chris what r u going thru dt d rest is not going theu tooo abi how much is dollar se yoruba dollar cheap pass igbo dolar ni so we r in ds together

  4. omokehinde u don’t have to comment if u don’t know facts. is ur problem his attire or his fight or he is jobless.
    what r u saying exactly. i

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