Photos: Chinese Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Son, Buys 8 iPhone 7 For Dog Coco

chinese millionaire buys 8 iPhone dog

September 20, 2016 – Pictures: Son Of China’s Richest Man Buys Eight iPhone 7 For Pet Dog, Coco The Alaskan Malamute

Chinese Millionaire Wang Sicong Buys 8 iPhone 7 For Dog

Chinese millionaire, Wang Sicong, the son of the richest man in China, Wang Jianlin is about to break the internet for buying eight iPhone 7 for his pet dog, Coco the same day Apple released the latest version of the smart phone.

Coco, the most pampered pet dog in the world has a profile of Weibo with over 1.9million followers

These photos were uploaded on Friday the 16th of September 2016.

chinese millionaire buys 8 iPhone7 For Dog

Wang Sicong worths £430million while his father, 61-year-old Wang Jianlin is worth a whopping £23 billion.

Wang Jianlin

Wang Sicong, the only child of his father is the sole heir of his fortune.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Chinese Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Son, Buys 8 iPhone 7 For Dog Coco

  1. Pls who Iphone7 Epp? I hope it connects to heavens network, till then I wouldn’t be moved. Buh wait o 400k into 8pieces dun reach to start better international business that might even make u richer than this waste of a human being with no future, in d next 10yrs. God y do blessings go to people who can’t value it, chiaaa #hands_on_d_head

  2. We could show our disgust by not buying any of those phones. Poor people need to take a stance against the rich wasters of wealth.

  3. chai, I dey here dey look for money to fix myself and family a small worth 430 milion usd, not even in chinese currency, nawa ooo, God help me.

    • This is what our celebrities like tontoh flashes on IG as a gift from their husband as if it’s a big deal and this dude bought 7 for his dog. madam churchil should better delete that post on IG. Naira and pounds are not in the same league.

  4. God punish you and your coming generation. Useless boy buying iPhone 7 for dog not even one, there are so many poor people in your country and some people doesn’t know what and how they will eat before the end of the day and you are wasting money. No wonder the bible says, you can not give gold to a pig

  5. obviously he doesn’t know what to use money for again, and this is a stupid gift for a dog that doesn’t know it’s value nor av any use for it, for pits sake people are in great need of such money even in China, why not divert such funds to better use.
    it shows he lacks good judgement.

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