Photos: Cossy Orjiakor Arrested & Jailed For Killing Sugardaddy

cossy orjiakor arrested for killing sugardaddy

August 31, 2016 – Pictures: Nollywood Run Babe Cossy Orjiakor Arrested & Jailed For Killing Sugardaddy

Cossy Orjiakor has stepped up her acting career. She is now on the set of a new movie where she played the role of a prostitute living a reckless until one of her clients took her and a friend for a night package.

They killed the client and were cut while trying to escape from the hotel. Cossy and her friend were later charged with murder and jailed for life.

Her cries in the prison cell is that of regrets for a wasted life.

Stay tuned for update on this movie.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Cossy Orjiakor Arrested & Jailed For Killing Sugardaddy

  1. Better be a movie cos‘ when I first read the caption I was shocked. Who‘s gonna represent Naija again if Cossy is jailed for real? I mean: “Bobiciously“. Is there any word like that?
    Well, whether there is or not, all I want to believe is that…

    Still strolling…

  2. i knew it was a movie from the first sight.. i wish she could also regret in real life and turn a new creature (but not with murder)..
    #clueless human

  3. i think na this woman the act pornographic film,if dis news happen to u true,who wil b bold enough to represent her in acting sex movie?

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