Photos: Danfo Bus Driver Hides 193 Cocaine Capsules Inside His Socks, Heads To Dubai

danfo bus driver cocaine capsules dubai

April 15, 2016 – Pictures: Danfo Bus Driver Who Hid 193 Cocaine Capsules Inside His Socks Arrested At MMIA Aiport In Ikeja Lagos

A Nigerian man heading to Dubai has been caught with 193 cocaine capsules hidden in his socks.

The suspect identified as Samuel Maduewesi was caught with the capsules of cocaine while heading to Dubai via an Emirates flight.

The NDLEA said the cocaine capsules with a total weight of 3.4kg were seized from Mr Maduewesi’s.

The commercial bus driver reportedly said he is fleeing to Dubai to raise money to start a dealership business. Samuel said his friend based in Dubai encouraged him to bring the drug and promised to give him money to start a dealership business.

According to the NDLEA commander, Ahmadu Garba, the suspect would be charged to court soon.

See more photos of Samuel Maduewesi below

17 thoughts on “Photos: Danfo Bus Driver Hides 193 Cocaine Capsules Inside His Socks, Heads To Dubai

  1. The man only wanted to in the news, he didn‘t meant it.
    Bcos with this kind of dressing and appearance, even a child will know without the help of any detecting gargdet that all was not well.

    I don waka…

  2. …….but come to think of it, the man want to act comedy movie? Mumu, somebody’s father, husband , uncle and grandpa someday is a clown.

  3. @D Hunter I weak o. Even an Ijebu masquerade would dress more decently than this clown. Naughty Man U fan! He should just thank God that he was caught while still on the Nigerian soil.

  4. D man z not smart atall.
    Just imagine d means he taught he could use 2 smuggle d drugs.

    A real dump ass, risking ur whole life carelessly

  5. Just imagine dis mumu guy joking wit his life.

    Still imagining wot he was thinking b4 carring out dis his foolish plan of hiding d drugs in his stocks dressed like dis.

  6. Shame on you oga, if someone tell you it will be like ds you will not please, riot in jail but remember to give your life to Jesus Christ, He is the way, the truth and the life.

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