Photos: Danfo Bus Driver Kills Female Policewoman In Ikorodu Lagos, RIP Evelyn Ele Amuta

danfo bus kills policewoman

Feb 23, 2016 – Pictures: Female Police Officer, Corporal Evelyn Ele Amuta Struck & Killed By A Hit And Run Danfo Bus Driver In Ikodoru Lagos 

The officer in charge of XSquad in Lagos, Evelyn Ele Amuta has died.

The beautiful mother one was struck and killed by a bus driver trying to evade arrest.

According to police investigation, the deceased was attempting to arrest an unidentified driver who violated traffic rules but while she was ordering him to come out of the bus, the driver suddenly reversed, hit Evelyn and escaped.

Evelyn Ele Amuta

The X-Squad quickly rushed her to a nearby hospital where doctors refused to treat her due to missing police report.

This was even after the OC (Officer in charge) identified herself as a police officer.

She died shortly for lack of prompt medical intervention.

The deceased was buried in her village in Kogi State last week.

May her soul rest in peace.

33 thoughts on “Photos: Danfo Bus Driver Kills Female Policewoman In Ikorodu Lagos, RIP Evelyn Ele Amuta

  1. When will Nigerian hospitals stop this police report issue when faced with an emergency case. Our country is not a civilised nation at all. Abroad they treat you first before even finding out who you are. Nigeria tufiakwa. RIP beautiful woman.

  2. Some of our constitution in our country is dull and fools ,why all this ? We just kill so many soul carelessly, we better stop unnecessary law

  3. Jojo you are wrong,no body treats you a broad in an emergency without the police.usually when you there is an emergency abroad you you the police who wiĺl then in turn call the ambulance and both teams wiĺl arrive the scene simultaneously.

  4. And the driver just escaped.

    It is so bad that the lady could not be given prompt medical attention because of the failure to provide a police report. What a country! Maybe now that even the police has fallen victim to this bureaucratic snag, they would learn what emmergency really means.


  5. @ JoJo, as if u knew my mind. When will dis stop?/police report before treatments. You wasted a beautiful life. There should be an amendments on dis law.

  6. CHAI… D doc on duty on d particular day shld hv his certificate confistcated by d Ministery of Health w/t hesitation n jailed for 50yrs. Wat rubbish? In fact, all d nurses or any health worker in dat Hospital on dat day must b sacked @ 1ce.

    Wat sort of nonesense policy is dat? Hw cld u hv an emergency case of a dying fellow @ hand n b talkin gibberish nonesense abt a police report b4 commencing treatment?

    Dis woman wld hv bn alive 2day if only the stupid doc had commence immedia8 treatment.


  7. Can you now see that nigerians are very wicked!a police woman is killd and all idiot kept quit but if a police man kill one of this idiot call civilian u all will open mouth.

  8. My God see how she died needlessly, this practice of asking for police report before treating accident and armed robbery victims has to stop, its affront to the ethics of oat of medical profession, it only in Nigeria that injured victims has to produce a report before treatment can commence. the medical practitioners should sponsor a bill in the house to change this practice. how can someone get police report at point of death? can you imagine if the Nigerian doctor Kola Bankole was not attended to after the accident he would have been dead now. How can we as a nation posturing as pious and whiter than snow accept this type of legislation, most people think that it will never happen to them, ‘it is not my portion’ they will say but when ti happens even the rich will suffer.In a societies plagued by social inequality and economic strife the government should not compound the hardship of the people with that sort of law. so so sad RIP evelyn

  9. i don’t understand Nigerian people with their behavior,i mean are you not tired of seen people die happy am not Nigerian too many savages

  10. Wot police report? A police woman was hit by a car & was brought 2 d hospital by police men & u re there requesting 4 a police report b4 starting treatment. Which kind country be dis 4 christ sake.

  11. the points of guilty will be given to the driver first. Before I start giving to others. it’s really unlawful and barbaric for the driver to disobey the traffic sign. Now look at the painful death that he had caused to a young lady in police force. what stupid and spirit of disobedient was that. if were to be he was actually captured, he would have been given
    life term jail. Now to the doctors” the doctors we’re having in this country, are so heartless. which means” they don’t have pity on anybody. they don’t compare people to themselves. their guilty is that, treatment should have been commenced or conducted before waiting the report of the police. that was an emergency case that was supposed to be resolved quickly. maybe the police woman, couldn’t have died at that incident. pls Nigeria doctors try to do what is worth okay. Now Advice to the police” so my advice to the police is that, they should be careful the way they arrest vehicles. because most of them you see, are very deep in wickedness they are so awful. so pls that is my advice to you thanks!

  12. i am sorry sister, may your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. My major problem is that, police themselves know the implication of this fucking police report that has claimed so many lives not only in Lagos but through out the whole nation yet they still don’t do anything about it. Anyway, it is not the ordinary citizens that are suffering it now, the owner and the controller of police are unconsciously getting involved now.{ojo ki me du ti uwa eyan, igala owaa}

  13. What is this issue of police report in Nigeria hospitals before treatment can commence? This is unimaginable and bothers on insanity. RIP to the lady.

  14. Am sick am tired with this fuckin police report b4 treatin an emergency patient in dis fuckin 9ja,it a pity in a place i call ma fadas land. 9ja pls grow up.

  15. Police report ke even when in uniform? Pls Nigeria government do something. Treat first before any other thing. Na waoooo

    • Yes even in uniform, i believe the Doctor was not ready to bend the rules for the Police woman, because it is the LAW, it send a clear signal to the police and the people in power that the law is bad for every one whether police or pure water seller.let us pressure our policy makers that this law must be repealed , it is a bad is not good for the image of our country.

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