Photos: Depressed Man Jumps Into Tigers Cage In Chinese Zoo


man jumps into tiger cage

Feb 18, 2014 – Pictures: Depressed Man Jumps Into Tigers Cage In Chinese Zoo; How He Plans To Sacrifice His Body For The Animals

A mentally disturbed man who plans to sacrifice his body as food for two caged tigers in a Chinese zoo has been brutally attacked by a male Bengali white tiger.

The depressed man who jumped into the zoo cage shocked witnesses who watched in horror as the man was dragged several metres across the ground after he climbed into the pen at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan.

According to local medial reports, the depressed man believed to be in his 20s had been trying to feed the tigers and was with a backpack containing a large quantity of rice.

Another report suggested he was trying to offer his own body for the animals to eat, in order to improve their living conditions.

Witnesses said the tigers did not immediately react when the man entered the pen.

man jumps tiger cage china

He then tried to provoke them by dancing around and shouting.

One of the tigers (a male) pounced on him, dragging him around the cage floor before releasing him.

chinese man jumps into tiger cage

The zoo staff came to his rescue by firing a tranquilliser dart at the male tiger.

They later pulled him out of the cage unhurt.

What a dumb idea!