Emmanuel Macron, Man Who Married His High School Teacher Becomes French Youngest President

Emmanuel Macron

May 7, 2017 – Pictures: Emmanuel Macron, Man Who Married His High School Teacher Becomes French Youngest President

Emmanuel Macron, 39 was declared the winner of French’s Presidential election today.

Macro who fell in love and married his former high school drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux beat his opponent, Le Pen by a wider margin.

Brigitte who is 64 year old was married with 3 children who are now grown. She had 6 grand kids before falling in love with Emmanuel Macro whom he married in 2007.

A French study revealed  that it is a trend for French women to take younger lovers.

10 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron, Man Who Married His High School Teacher Becomes French Youngest President

  1. i like the last verse..their quest to oldies to grab the youngsters.whatever rocks their boat.should it be that the teacher shaped her career that brought him to lime light.quite shocking he beat le pen before and even beat her again with a wider margin in the run off election..imagine person in the thirties winning presidential election in naija..impossible when the cabal in 70s and 80s are still ruling us..a big cheers for lovers of french pies and johnnie walker..give it to macron.vibrant president elect

  2. Hahahaha!this is strange.Hope Nigerian men are watching hahahaha.When you copy from developed countriese e.g France make sure you copy well and copy everything including their women.This is genuine love.

  3. age is not a Barrier ,he needs happiness,joy,long life,peace,good health and success, in every successful man there is a woman

  4. This is a call for Nigerian youths, not speaking big grammar like American or been arrogant for been a messenger for an old General, wake up, stop supporting this old and deadly Nigerian Retired General who vow that no Nigerian youth must not be changeling them, Macron is an example of progress including the Canadian prime minister, NIGERIAN YOUTHS RISE UP STOPE ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE USED BY OLD FOOLS THAT WILL ONLY REWARD WITH A PIE Nut, I believe that Nigerian will be good when a young man lead Nigerian. French people has shown the world that they are not fools like Americans who refused to chose the better part and run in the bush road.

  5. They both know how to pick winners. The wife saw the winner in the young man and the man recognized his first lady and followed through to his destiny although busybodies must have been scoffing behind their backs.
    A big congratulations to them both!!!

  6. Age is just a number, provided you will be happy. In Africa marrying an older woman can be a taboo, but you see this guy did not bother, because he knew what he is gaining, it was not about the age, money or anything but it all about feeling comforting in a relationship. I hope someone will not say this is oyinbo thing, but that is life. Don’t let age deter you, if you can benefit holistically from the relationship

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