Photos: Ikorodu Lagos Bank Robbers Arrested, Gang Leader, Lady Armed With 20 Live Snakes On The Run

ikorodu lagos bank robbers

July 6, 2015 – Pictures: Identifies, Names Ikorodu Lagos Bank Robbers Arrested By Police, Leader Of Robbery Gang, A Lady With 20 Live Snakes On The Run

At last NPF has arrested the robbers who attacked Zenith and First Banks last week.

The armed robbers who carried out the coordinated operation carted away over 80 million Naira from both banks.

Police said the robbers identified as Jafaru, Baba Ibeji, Monday Akpan and Bright Agbojul were arrested  in Ondo State and Lagos late last week.

One of them simply identified as Baba Ibeji was arrested on his way to his home town in Okitipupa Ondo state during a stop and search operation on Friday. He was the one who led police to the hideout of other gang members in Ikorodu Lagos.

A witness said one of the robbers who disguised as a female has about 20 live snakes around her neck.

He is still wanted by police as he escaped from Ikorodu few days ago.

They were paraded today in Lagos. Check out their photos.

Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. Una go suffer Barawo…

12 thoughts on “Photos: Ikorodu Lagos Bank Robbers Arrested, Gang Leader, Lady Armed With 20 Live Snakes On The Run

  1. Where are those praying for their tribe to be wiped away thinking they are cursing eastern tribe? We are yet to see the Nna names u claimed are the robbers. Hypocrites, I knew from day one by the actions of the robbers, their statements and dance move of one of them for his after owambe party moves all indicates they are from west. The fools most hve finished their loot by now…

  2. Look at their young, ugly faces. Thank God they are captured,if not they will go owambe party next weekend and start spraying money like crazy.

  3. To all of you who discriminate against one tribes or the other. Honestly, there is no different between your brain and of Book Haram brain. I say no more

  4. But, looking @ these guys their dressing & their outfit kind of baffle me, Throughly they stole i talking sense ppl you know in Nigeria unthinkable things happen but let’s keep our eyes open & do follow up with the case.

  5. Since 29th May,the rate of arm robbers & boko haram’s killing are increasing each day… May God save us…

  6. where is Rapo,Tudun Alaigbe,michealson, ***** Bezo…You guys were insulting ur ancestors, calling out easterners. Come and see ur brothers destroying Lagos, to think that Rapo called out naija gist because of this ****. Hypocrites,lazy things that think every hard working Easterner is into crime, the same crimes committed by ur people too. *****are into criminal activities to sustain their owambe life style. Just know there is nothing special about ur tribe,because they are involved in every criminal activities u accuse other tribes of.Lol….

  7. Haaaaaa 9ja police!!! Dem don force dis pipul make dem talk watin dem no do. See their inocent faces. I no bliv say na dem jooor

  8. blame their girl friends and their family members, where do they thing they get all the money or care to know their where about and their job. Thank God anyways that they have been captured #faggots

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