Photos: Fake Tinubu, Saraki & Rotimi Amaechi Arrested In Hotel In Kaduna State


fake tinubu arrested

March 31, 2017 – Photo: Tinubu, Saraki & Rotimi Amaechi’s Impersonators Arrested In Hotel In Kaduna State After Duping Victims Of N20Million

4 suspected fraudsters who specialised in cloning mobile numbers of politicians, ministers and aides to Buhari have been arrested by the police.

The suspects identified as 47-year-old Ogogo Ovie (High Chief), 25-year-old Idah Samuel, 40-year-old Eragbe Abdulazeez and 49-year-old Oshamoto Babatunde were picked up at a luxury hotel in Kaduna state on Tuesday after police received complaints from victims duped of N20million.

During their arrest, 14 mobile phones SIM cards registered with names of top politicians were found in the hotel room.

The syndicate have impersonated Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, APC leader Tinubu, Transportation minister Rotimi Amaechi  Senate President Saraki, and many top government officials in the past.

tinubu impersonators arrested

A police source said the suspects had confessed to impersonating several prominent citizens.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Fake Tinubu, Saraki & Rotimi Amaechi Arrested In Hotel In Kaduna State

  1. Hehehehe… LMAO, those people duped 20M how come..? are this men selling crayfish or those dupe are so gullibly daft to the extent of bribing the fake ministers for contracts.
    Well, cunny man dies another cunny man will burry him. That’s what the system encourages where there’s no job for the citicens and those in the high places are over paid.

    • Cee Jay, is a simple thing how this pipul can posibulment to do wayo to pipul. They go call persin and tell am say they go give am contrast of 50 billon naira. They go tell the persin to pay them 10 millon or 20 millon naira bifor they are give the contrast weyris 50 billon. If na you, are you not pay? Is only rasta man can posibul to be sabi say is wayolity.

  2. blame the naija system. no job . these men need to feed families. the are simply mis using their smartness.

  3. During the image capturing for purposes of registering the SIM cards do those names not ring bells in the minds of those registering the SIM? It is a syndicate a beg. Arrest the people who registered the SIM also !

  4. na only one person dey bear Rotimi Ameachi,Saraki or Tinubu? abeg no need to arrest person wey register them oooo

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