Fake US Embassy Issuing Real 10-Year Visas In Accra Ghana Finally Shut Down

fake us embassy accra ghana

December 5, 2016 – Fake US Embassy Issuing Real 10-Year Visas In Accra Ghana Busted, Turkish Citizens Arrested

A sham United States Embassy has been busted in Ghana after operating illegally for a decade, the U.S. State Department said.

The fake embassy was busted in the capital, Accra, and is said to have been run by a criminal cartel that issued illegally obtained visas.

It was housed in a run-down, pink two-storey building with a corrugated iron roof and flew a U.S. flag outside.

Inside hung a portrait of President Barack Obama.

“It was not operated by the United States government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organised crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practicing immigration and criminal law,” the State Department said in a statement released late on Friday.

Turkish citizens, who spoke English and Dutch, posed as consular officers and staffed the operation. Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the State Department said.

The crime ring issued fraudulently obtained but legitimate U.S. visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates at a cost of $6,000 each, the statement said.

During raids that led to a number of arrests, authorities also seized authentic and counterfeit Indian, South African and Schengen Zone visas and 150 passports from 10 different countries along with a laptop and smart phones.

[By CCTV Africa]

8 thoughts on “Fake US Embassy Issuing Real 10-Year Visas In Accra Ghana Finally Shut Down

  1. Sounds more like a underground CIA visa distributing safe house. If you ppl think America is that disorganised, get your brains checked for pulses of stupidity.

  2. AFTER OPERATING for a whole decade??? What am I reading here? Just can‘t help imagining the uncountable numbers of gullible but interested applicants that had fallen cheap for this syndicate of crooks.
    God is watching!

    I take a stroll…

  3. They have achieved a remarkable feat . How did fake establishment deliver real visas for ten years before detection? All those Africans going to drown in their attempt to go abroad could have obtained real visas from these people and saved themselves from sailing the dangerous waters……… If only they knew !

    One cannot but marvel at the resourcefulness and audacity of confidence tricksters! …. Just shaking my head !!!

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