Photos: Girl Killed By Uncle 3 Days To Wedding Over N100 Debt In Keffi

girl killed by uncle 3 days to wedding

September 9, 2017 – Angry Man Beats Cousin To Death Over N100 Debt In Keffi Nasarawa

Photos: Lady Beaten To Death By Her Uncle 3 Days To Her Wedding Over 100 Naira Debt In Keffi

A man identified as Hamisu has boxed his cousin to death over hundred Naira debt her mother owned him in Keffi.

The soon-to-be bride Amina Abdullahi pictured above with her husband-to-be was beaten to death while confronting Hamisu who came to their home to collect his N100.

According to residents, Hamisu had gone to his sister’s house last Wednesday to collect the N100 he borrowed her. An argument ensued and the two started raining insults on each other, at a point, Amina cautioned Hamisu to watch his words and stop abusing her mother.

Angered by Amina’s disrespectful manner, he descended on the defenseless girl and beat her until she fainted. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Hamisu tried to escape when Amina couldn’t be revived but her mother held him by the trouser until police arrived and took him to a station in Keffi where the matter was settled out of court after Hamisu allegedly bribed some officers on duty.

Sadly, Amina could not make it to her wedding slated for the weekend after the Sallah holiday.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Girl Killed By Uncle 3 Days To Wedding Over N100 Debt In Keffi

  1. Whenever people intend to celebrate their weddings, they need to be prayerful and to be careful. It appears the devil attacks family as an institution through attempts at celebration of weddings. Too many mishaps are recorded when ever people are about to wed; and the mishaps are not limited to young people’s weddings but even happen to people celebrating their wedding anniversaries or the official regularization of their living together which ceremony Nigerians call “marriage Blessing”. Maybe the events are not related but the records of tales of woe are too m.any to be ignored.
    It is a real tragedy for this family and the uncle now has to live with the knowledged that his hands killed his sister’s daughter few days to her wedding day.
    It is a pity indeed.

  2. THIS IS WHY I always refares to ****** as CURSED demons among men.

    I wonder why they always stupidly believe in killings as the only way out to solving issues. Condemned people!

    Check out the beauty that that grown bastard from one of these Almajiri groups around just wasted all because of a megre N100 that‘s equivalent to 10 kobo now and cannot even buy you a bathroom slippers these days.

    Well, as a BRAVE HUNTER, You cannot kill my sister or daughter this way and go scot-free. Me? Never!
    Unless only when I cannot have access to my LMG.
    BLAST your fucking brain our from your skoll fast!

    I take a stroll…

  3. If I were the inspector general of Police, those officers who accepted bribe to let this dreg out will not only get sacked from the force, they will serve 15 years in prison without parole and the bastard killer will face firing squad. You killed someone for mere N100 that can only buy you 1 gala.

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