Photos: Igbo & Hausa Clash Kills 6 In Imo; Mallam Commits Suicide After Killing Ibo Girl & Woman


igbos hausas clash imo state

August 13, 2016 – Pictures: Igbos & Hausas Clash Kills 6 In Imo State; Mallam Commits Suicide After Killing Ibo Girl & Elderly Woman

All hell broke loose yesterday in Akokwa area of Ideato LGA of Imo state shortly after an Hausa man committed suicide after he allegedly hacked a girl and a woman to death.

The murder reportedly flare up another Inter ethnic war among Ibo and Hausa residents of Akokwa.

Aggrieved Igbo youths immediately invaded the predominantly Hausa community and attacked some northerners while others fled to safety.

An eyewitness said a young girl hawking snack ran to an elderly Igbo woman for protection when a northerner suddenly chased her.

The man reportedly killed both the girl and the woman with shovel before taking his own life.

The witness said the killing sparked off reprisal attack by some Ibo youths.

At least 6 people died in the attack.

Security agencies deployed to the community were still there as at 9:30pm last night to prevent further clash.