Photos: Irish Woman Who Married 300 Year Ghost Of Dead Haitian Pirate Talks Sex With Spirit

woman marries 300 year old ghost dead pirate


Amanda Teague has divorced her ghost husband.

January 16, 2018 – Photos: Irish Woman Who Married 300 Year Ghost Of Dead Black Haitian Pirate In Atlantic Ocean, Talks About Sex With Spirit

A woman who is tired of looking for a perfect mortal man to marry after her marriage crashed has defended her decision to marry a ghost.

Meet Amanda Teague,45-year-old Irish Woman, popular impersonator of Captain Jack Sparrow(fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series).

amanda teague

Over the weekend, photos of Amanda, a mother of five marrying the ghost she named Jack Teague went viral on the social media.

She told the media on Sunday that her unseen husband is a black Haitian Pirate who was was killed for  his crimes in the 1700s.

Amanda said she goes out on dates with Jack the Ghost, argues with him like a real man and even has sex with him in the spirit. …. Say whaaaat??

Here is what she said about her bizarre marriage to Jack the Ghost.

Amanda hired a spiritual medium to allow her husband to communicate during the bizarre wedding ceremony that took place in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Irish Coast.

Her wedding cake…

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

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  1. THERE‘S NOTHING Real about any lady bearing the name “Amanda“.
    Even the one we have here on NG who‘s always busy entertaining us with that her islamic ****** everytime is not real.
    For all I care, her name could be either Amina or something but chooses to go by the name Amanda, FAKE!

    I take a stroll…

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