Cossy Ojiakor’s Father Dead: Actress Loses Dad To Heart Attack Weeks After Butt Enlargement

cossy orjiakor father dies heart attack

January 15, 2018 – Cossy Ojiakor’s Father Dies Of Heart Attack 2 Months After Her Butt Enlargement Surgery

Highly controversial Nollywood actress Cossy Orjiakor has lost her dad exactly 8 weeks after she “got”  herself a new butt.

The actress who is still living in denial told fans she spoke with her dad a week after her butt enlargement surgery.

She mentioned how her father had shown concern when she had her surgery and how he agitated on her behalf, wanting to know how she would sit with her new butt.

Orjiakor who is currently out of the country is still begging her father to call her.

Here is how she mourned the deceased.

9 thoughts on “Cossy Ojiakor’s Father Dead: Actress Loses Dad To Heart Attack Weeks After Butt Enlargement

  1. How do u expect d man to be normal again when you have removed the butt he and ur mother gave you.
    You are full of it. Go eat your shit

  2. Chaii,lol, these social media you guys can be funny. Imagine how they wrote the headline, “he died weeks after butt enlargement” as if it was the butt enlargement that gave him heart attack

  3. KIM K WANNA BE, You see your life? You already have an extra-large breasts which appears to look like two big baloons on your chest, yet that one is not enough for you.

    Then you went for the enlargement of another part of your body which probably led to the heart attack that led to the death of your father.

    I don‘t see the rationale behind girls of nowadays wanna enlarge every parts of their body. Now we have; an enlarged breasts, an enlarged butts, maybe in time to come we shall have an enlarged Vag & Clit *wink*
    (I no talk anytihing o)

    Make I quick quick waka from here before all these girls come after me now…
    RIP to the dead o.

    I do go…

  4. @NG, are you trying to say the butt enlargement killed her father? E be like say I wan de tire for una matter o @NG.

  5. @Hunter, you will not kill us with laughter. Please where is Bench? Hope all is well with Bench?

    God bless Nigeria…

    I take my stroll now…..

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