Photos: Kidnappers Of Oniba Of Ibaland Arrested After Monarch Regains Freedom

oniba of ibaland kidnappers

August 7, 2016 – Pictures: Kidnappers Of Oniba Of Ibaland Arrested After Monarch Regains Freedom

Two of the 9 people criminals who kidnapped Oba Goriola Oseni from his palace in Iba area of Lagos have been arrested.

The suspects were arrested today about 24 hours after the monarch regains freedom from the creek.

The suspects identified as Toba Forejo and Isaiah Ododomu both from Ondo state said one Micah living in the creek sent them to kidnap the wealthy monarch.

The kidnap gang collected N15.1 million from the monarch’s family before releasing him yesterday.

Police are currently looking for the other members of the kidnap gang.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Kidnappers Of Oniba Of Ibaland Arrested After Monarch Regains Freedom

  1. METHINKS it would have been wiser to have kept this out of publicity until those others at large are rounded up. With this news filtering through, those guys will now go into hiding, making the job more difficult for the police.

  2. wretched looking human beings! Even if they are given 5m each they will still look wretched. Thank God they didn’t murder the king.

  3. I remembered, this guys killed 2 people in the process of kidnapping this king. .

    Please no court process just try and get the remaining gang members and the 15 million ransom then burst their brains open with AK47


  4. Serves them right. I just wish they are locked up jail and the key to unlock it thrown in River Niger.

  5. @metu that is the media for you nothing can be done… i pray the rest of the gang will also be arrested.. stu*** set of people. congrat to the king

  6. So the militants alleged to have kidnapped the monarch are not the Niger Delta Avengers as earlier suspected? Thank God the monarch has regained his freedom, but the area should be made secure to allow innocent citizens live their live in peace.
    Kudos to the arresting team!!!

  7. Thank God d king is safe, and d criminals arrested, we hope d govt is listening to d request made by d people that a death penalty be given to any person involved with kidnapping or robbery. Its d only way to eradicate crime in d country.

  8. We are in a corrupt society,this people will be sent to jail and after some months they will be release cos they aren’t acting alone(they have Godfathers sending them)but i assure you that if death penalty is been carry out,this people will leave the business

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