Photos: Married Math Teacher David Ogundele Who Killed Girlfriend In Ilorin Says Wife Bewitched Him

david ogundele

May 31, 2016 – Pictures: Married Math Teacher David Ogundele Who Killed MTN Staff Confesses “I Killed My Girlfriend Tosin Ashinwo Because My Wife Bewitched Me”

A very brilliant Math teacher at Landmark Secondary School in Omu Aran area of Kwara State has confessed to the murder of his girlfriend.

36-year-old David Ogundele told officials of Kwara State Police Command today that he killed Tosin Ashinwo because his wife bewitched him.

David said the entire incident happened “in a flash” as he only came back to himself after the deed had been done and explained that he went into the relationship with the deceased because his marriage of seven years had not produced any child.

Looking rather sober, he said:

“I was bewitched. It was a spell. I acted according to the dictates of the spell. We were lovers, I met her in November last year and things had been going on very well between us.

“Talks that she refused my proposal were mere rumours, mere fallacies. The truth is that we were friends. I loved her and she loved me back. But my wife, we have been married now for close to seven years with no issue, after seeing me with her you know people can cook up anything, they went to tell her stories and that made her to become angry and infuriated.

“She told me to my face that I would see something, that she would use everything she has as a woman to deal with me and lo and behold, a week after this dastardly incident happened. That’s all. People can say anything. I am not blaming her. She said it and it happened.”

9 thoughts on “Photos: Married Math Teacher David Ogundele Who Killed Girlfriend In Ilorin Says Wife Bewitched Him

  1. How did he know he was bewitched? This nonsense is not admissible in court; the equivalent of that will be to heap all the blame on state of mind( psychologically unstable).

  2. This is a very stupid man with lame excuse as to why he killed his girlfriend. The rumor might be correct. You killed her because she refused your marriage proposal. Pay for your sins. By the way who told you that your wife of seven years can not bear any child? What efforts have you made to find out why your wife could not conceive? Have you checked yourself? the problem might be from you and not your wife.

  3. You want to bring in your wife in your mess eh? When you were busy spending on your concubine and enjoying, did you remember you ever have a wife? Foolish man, don’t be a coward ok, face your trouble/problem and let your wife be, He Goat.

  4. If things had been going on well between him and his mistress, why would he kill her? Some women are extremely wicked. Whatever is hidden to man, is no secret to God. May the truth be revealed as to why his sudden abnormal behavior.

  5. I don‘t really know the truth behind this incident and no one here knew too but God.

    However, excuses has always taken all the blames for any persons offence.

    I take a stroll…

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