Photos: Mercy Aigbe CT Scan Result Reveals Skull Fracture.. Actress To Travel Abroad For Treatment

mercy aigbe ct scan result

April 29, 2017 – Photos: Mercy Aigbe CT Scan Radiology Report Reveals Skull Fracture, Head Injury… Actress To Travel Abroad For Treatment/Checkup

The part of precautionary measures Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe took after her husband battered her was to go for a Computed Tomography, CT scan so as to ensure she didn’t suffer any internal bleeding as a result of the domestic violence she experienced in the hand of her violent husband last week.

The good news is that her radiology report as obtained by NET didn’t show any internal bleeding.

The CT scan carried out at St Solomon Health Care Limited however revealed that the mother of two suffered fractured skull (head injury) caused by heavy beatings.

Though her husband claimed the injury was staged for a movie Mercy Aigbe is working on, insiders revealed the opposite.

According to new details received from an insider today, Mercy Aigbe has been enduring years of domestic abuse in the hand of her Oga Boss husband as he is fondly called but this last one is what crashed their marriage.

mercy aigbe ct scan result

Mercy Aigbe is currently in the process of travelling to the US for further medical check up and possible surgery.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Mercy Aigbe CT Scan Result Reveals Skull Fracture.. Actress To Travel Abroad For Treatment

  1. Lagos State Govt/ Human Rights …. do your job. Arrest the hotelier. Don’t do the Nigerian Police excuse about formal report-abroad, they act based on pictures on social media.The whole world is watching!

  2. Another excuse to fly out and continue flexing …she should calm down and settle with one man for once..

  3. Mercy’s skin always looked so flawless and impeccable for someone who had allegedly suffered years of physical badging from her husband. May God save that husband from those determined to damage his reputation.

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