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Photos: Mercy Ships Surgeons Remove Tumour Of 20 Years From African Man’s Back

mercy ship surgeons remove 20 year tumour from african man's back

A carpenter named Togue is now experiencing the true meaning of freedom after an international NGO, Mercy Ships team of volunteer surgeons removed a tumour of over 20 years from his back.

The man simply identified as Togue now has a reason to smile again as he can now walk freely without being mocked by children in his village.

Mercy Ships, an NGO founded over 40 years ago by Don and Deyon Stephens has touched over 2.5million lives worldwide.



  1. Hannah

    April 26, 2018 at 6:38 PM

    Pls there is a paticular woman in Yaba that l will love to refer for help if that is possible.

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