Photos: Niger Delta, Ijaw Militants Return To Ikorodu Lagos, Kill 50 Landlords

ijaw militants attack ikorodu lagos

June 24, 2016 – Pictures: Niger Delta, Ijaw Militants Return To Ikorodu Lagos, Kill 50 Landlords

At least 50 landlords in Ikorodu were feared dead yesterday when militants invaded Elepete and Igbo Olomu, a border community in Ikorodu North LGA of Lagos State.

According to a source who pleaded not to be named, most of the victims were landlords keeping watch over the community because of incessant robbery attacks witnessed recently.

The landlords were said to have set bonfires in strategic points, just as oncoming militants mistook them for law enforcement agents and thereafter, went on a shooting spree.

The source disclosed that 30 dead bodies have been accounted for, at various points, just as others are being searched for.

The source added that many residents have fled the area for safety.

See photos from the scene of the fatal attack… VIEWERS DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED

niger delta miltants ikorodu lagos

16 thoughts on “Photos: Niger Delta, Ijaw Militants Return To Ikorodu Lagos, Kill 50 Landlords

  1. War is looming on our Yoruba soil. Ijo people have brought it to us. What are we waiting for my people? No amount of peace talk will stop these unknown barbarians. l have been predicting this for so many years that we will suffer the most when it comes, but nobody ever took me serious. This is the second massacre of our people now and nothing is done. Will the Federal government protect us? Of course , NO. We must take arms and protect ourselves. Where is Afenifere? What is Egbe Omo Yoruba U.S.A & Canada going to do.I have since the first attack sent messages to their leaders but to no avail. Yoruba Indigens Foundation what will be your row? Egbe Omo Oodua worldwide , wake up. OPC seek funding, be disciplined and get ready for blood birth. Tinubu, Duduyemi, Baba Ijebu, Obasonjo, Alabi Isama, Ooni, Alaafin, Awujale, Mike Adenuga etc and all Yorubas in the Diaspora let us unite now and stop our common enemies immediately. Will this be the first time in history that Yoruba will lose a war and be cursed in heaven by Moremi, Afonja, Ogedengbe, Krumi, Oranmiyon etc?

  2. Lagos state government, what are u waiting for before sending these vampires that call themselves militants to hell.

  3. But are you sure this are niger delta militants?I if they are,that means they are hard core criminals. this is exactly where I do get tired of nigeria security system. Attack on community would have repeated itself severally before the intervention of security forces. This is one more horror that shows we have no security in the country.

  4. what is Lagos State govt doing? these are ppl that work in lagos state and pay their of life of its citizens shld b paramount to d govt.
    plus shame on OPC, igbo olomu is their stronghold in lagos,they all fled when these guys arrived,

  5. This people av just crossed their boundary, u came all the way from ur state and think u can just come to other peoples domain and cause trouble without repercussions.
    I know this will not be the end of dis, but unfortunately innocent lives will be lost.
    Lagos state govt what are u waitg for inorder to bring dis babarians to justice.

  6. This is unbecoming development. So babaric! What‘s even the major reason for the attack in the first place? The perpetrators must be fished out if the Lasgos security forces can prove to all that they know what they are doing.
    RIP to the dead.


  7. Lagos state Government pls come to our rescue in the state. 50 people at once????May God have mercy. I sympathise with the family of the deceased. May their souls rip.

  8. militants in Lagos state nd ikorodu it’s a big lie what are they looking for there. Proper investigation should take plc abeg

  9. what i know about naija/deltan is that, they are so lazy… they are the most lazy people i have ever seen… Kidnap, oil bunkers, robbing, why cant they plan for their life, even if we understand there is no job in Nigeria, but other tribe try to survive

  10. Infact this is inhuman let the yorubas wake up and protect there land, fire for fire that is the only language this bastards understand please don’t let us be cowards just imagine massacre even on yoruba soil these must come to an end.

  11. They are not niger delta ijaw militants,they are pure boko haram or another deadly group that has emerged (formed),proper investigation should be done, delta militants only show their rudeness in their soil…

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