Photos: Nigerian Based In Dubai UAE Arrested In Lagos With Cocaine Capsules Inside Boxer & Socks

cocaine in boxer lagos

April 11, 2016 – Pictures: Dubai UAE-Based Nigerian Man, Factory Worker Arrested With Cocaine Capsules Inside Boxer & Socks At Lagos MMIA Airport

In a very desperate move to start a good life in Nigeria, a Dubai-based Nigerian returnee has been caught with 2kg of Cocaine capsules he hid in his underwear and socks.

The suspect was nabbed by NDLEA officials on Saturday on his arrival at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja Lagos from his base in Dubai.

36-year-old Chijioke Chukwuemeka Raphael, a factory worker in Dubai told the officials of the anti-narcotic agency that he is a married father of three.

He said he met a man in Nigeria last year who introduced him into drug trafficking.

He was paid N450,000 to bring the drug to Nigeria. See photos of the suspects and the seized drug.

Chijioke Chukwuemeka Raphael

See how his quest for quick money has brought shame to his family.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Based In Dubai UAE Arrested In Lagos With Cocaine Capsules Inside Boxer & Socks

  1. Anything wey they like make they do, I no fit stop to be smoke my igbo. Igbo is not consan to Nigeria problem. Igbo or cocain was not cause problem. Is only help to solve am. When your problem is dey too much you need something wey go make you forget them. You can fit to go night of tausan laugh, or you can fit to smoke igbo. The two both of them is dey good. But I like to smoke igbo. I not like where you are go to be only laughing like say you have mad bifor, and you are even pay big money to he laugh anyhow say na night of a tausan laugh. I like igbo pass away night of a tausan laugh bicos igbo make you forget wetin you was remember bifor, and make you remember wetin you was forgeted bifor.

  2. Even if am a smoker, I dont think I will take cocaine bcos most at times, the process which the sneak it into the country is in itself disgusting.

    Just imagine taking something that is sometime sneaked into the country in Anus, sometimes in Vagina, Boxer etc…?

    Thank God that I am neither a smoker or a drinker.
    I am A strolling Hunter. Who goes from place to place searching for games.

  3. You want to be rich, make quick money, now you end up in trouble and bring shame to your family. Rubbish at last.

  4. And he thought it would be an easy task bring cocaine into the country. Enjoy the rest of your life in prison

  5. Well… taking rist is mean’t 4 pple in other 2 be able 2 cross another stage of life but actually not in terms of illegal activities that i knew ill be detrimental 2 other pple livelihood activities specifically in a country like nigeria..

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