Photos: Nigerian Jailed For Life In Indonesia For Drug Possession, Uzoma Elele Escapes Execution

nigerian life in prison drug indonesia

July 9, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Jailed For Life In Indonesia For Marijuana & Meth Har Drug Possession, Uzoma Elele Alpha Escapes Execution

In what sources called miracle, a life imprisonment verdict has been given to a Nigerian caught with hard drug in Indonesia.

The 33-year-old Nigerian guy identified as Uzoma Elele Alpha from Owerri was arrested with Marijuana and Methamphetamine worth $451,400 at his apartment in Margonda tower, Depok last year December during a raid by Immigration officials.

Uzoma initially failed to present valid papers during the raid which prompted authorities to subject him to drug testing, he tested positive for Marijuana use.

Uzoma Elele Alpha

Police officials later searched his apartment where they found 7 Kilograms of Methamphetamine and 300g of Marijuana.

Prosecutors have vowed to get death penalty for him after a judge at The Depok District Court sentenced him to life in prison on Monday the 6th of July 2015.

Naija una no dey learn… haba must it be our people all the time???

15 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Jailed For Life In Indonesia For Drug Possession, Uzoma Elele Escapes Execution

  1. Uh! my God, why did you lump us together with these animals under the same identity called Nigerians. They are most likely the foremost offender when crime of this nature involves Nigerians anywhere around the world. What kind of orientation are these people brought up with, must they get rich even if their life is on the line and, who do they want to impress in their villages. God save Nigeria from these monsters called human beings.

  2. The other one had the drug burst in his stomach in Abuja. This one got life sentence in Indonesia. Why are you idiots giving our tribe a bad name? What happens to honest hard work like most of us are doing? You are not tainting our name but destroying your families name. Some have been executed in same Indonesia, Malaysia and some like the one in Abuja have had drugs burst in their stomach, yet you don’t learn anything. Nemesis will catch up with you evil doers and your families will continue to be shamed.

  3. ****s are damaging our names, this is getting too much, How i wish they could get their own country called ****** out of Nigeria, So, The whole world can know them for drug peddling.

  4. @ Mr Uzoma Elele, Life is NEVER a Do or Die Affair. Why Must it be *** Tribe Always???, Honestly, This “GET RICH QUICK” Mentality is just Too BAD.

  5. None off these niggaz listen to me,and to all dose ricky ross niggaz,yea hez one of them,you can see his beards,dats wat u call dope boi dreams,yur drugs indonesia isay miracle ****,***** ****** better be keeping cool and act a fool,here’s wat u call Neighbour hood drug dealer.
    Dis ****** gonna be doing a 100 for life

  6. uzoma is good person but hard time in Nigeria has landed him in a hard prayer to him,for him to say alive and one day freedom must come. boy we love you but god loves more ok we de Christian family are prayer for you and asking god for mercy on your life ok. keep praying, almighty god with let your soul go bail ok. peace!

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