Photos: Nigerian Man & British Wife Arrested During Fake Wedding As Registrar Alerted Police

nigerian arrested uk fake

Feb 3rd, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Guy  & British Wife Arrested During Sham Wedding As Registrar Called Immigration Police On Them

In a bizarre twist to a wedding ceremony, a Nigerian man identified as Joseph Iwueke and his bride-to-be were arrested moments before their fake legal marriage.

The marriage registrar reportedly called police on the couple while they were struggling to spell each other’s name before the ceremony began.

30-year-old Joseph was also accused of reading the bride’s detail from the back of his hand…. na wa oo

29-year-old Slovakian woman, Ingrida Stojkova was accused of conspiring to marry Joseph in order to allow him to stay in Britain permanently.

The two couple-to-be were arrested with two wedding planners, Obinna Odelugo and Robert Stojka and charged with conspiracy to facility UK immigration law breach.

Check out photos from the arrest below:

Imagine writing the bride’s detail on the back of his hand…Chai! the Naija guy dull ooo.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man & British Wife Arrested During Fake Wedding As Registrar Alerted Police

  1. UK or any western country is not meant for dullards even if u’re dull by the time you get there, you’ll wake up

  2. We don’t need idiots like him here in london! There are already a lot of nigerians doing stupid things and spoiling our name. but this one takes the biscuit – how can you not get your story right & name of your ‘bride’ b4 going to a registrar? Ode!

  3. Poor couple.They should have spent months together to get acquainted before registration.That could have solved this hullabaloo

    Some people are dump sometimes. Good luck, fellas

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