Photos: Man Stabbed Neighbour Accused Of Using ‘Witchcraft’ To Hinder His Progress

neigbour using witchcraft to hinder progress

Nov 18, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Man Stabbed Neighbour Accused Of Hindering His Progress Using Witchcraft

Pictured above is a resident of Ifelodun Street in Ilasamaja area of Lagos who was recently stabbed by his neighour over witchcraft allegation.

Mr Ehis Ibhaze was stabbed severally by his 37-year-old neigbhour, Simon Abuchi who accused him of using witchcraft to slow down his progress in life.

witchcraft ilasamaja lagos

Simon and Ibhaze are married and have children but the two neighbours have been at loggerheads while neighbours tried to settle their fight.

Simon who has threatened to kill Ibhaze for attacking him spiritually reportedly monitored Ibhaze on the night of the attack. He followed him into the bathroom and stabbed him brutally with a kitchen knife.

The timely intervention of neighbour saved Ibhaze from death as he bled profusely after the attack that happened last week.

He was immediately rushed to a private hospital in the area where he is still being treated.

Simon has been arrested and charged to court with wounding under the criminal code.

His case will come up for hearing next week Wednesday.

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  1. Backward African people. With these sought of thinking and crazy believes, how do you expect anyone to take you people seriously. SMH!

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