Photos: Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST Staff Steal Phone Sent To Lady From US, Replace It With Book


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May 3rd, 2016 – Pictures: Lady Accuses Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST Of Stealing Phone Sent To Her From Pittsburgh United States

Shock As Nigerian Postal Service Staff At UI Ibadan Branch Steal Phone Sent To Lady From United States, Replace It With A Book

Message received from a fan this morning

Someone sent a parcel to me from Pittsburgh which contains a phone through USPS since 15th of April 2016 and have been expecting the parcel since not until this morning I was called from the university of ibadan’s post office that my parcel has arrived and I went there to pick my parcel after paying I left the office with my parcel and I went home when I got home, my friend and I opened the parcel lo and behold we met a book inside and the declaration paper on it says a phone is inside the parcel.

We rushed back to the postal office and guess what? They said I should have opened the parcel before leaving and I tried to explain that this is my first time and I even wrote a letter of complain but they said they can do just little.

Imagine it means they have removed the phone when it got to Nigeria and they dropped a book in place of the phone pls where are we going to in Nigeria? now that we cannot even trust our postal services in Nigeria and we call her Giant of Africa!

We should check corruption in these small small offices first before pointing accusing fingers to our leaders .

It so so painful please share as much as u can till its get to the authorities concerned in postal services in Nigeria.