Photos: Nigerian Student Murdered By Gangsters At Car Park In Barking London… RIP David Adegbite

david adegbite shot dead

March 24, 2017 – Pictures: Nigerian Boy Ambushed & Killed By Gang Members At Car Park In Barking East London… RIP David Adegbite

UK-based Nigerian boy Adegbite David popularly called Dutch was visiting his friends at St Ann’s Estate in Barking East London where he formerly lived when some gangsters ambushed him and shot him in the head on Sunday evening.

Adegbite who was described as a good guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time as the gangsters allegedly mistook him for another person.

david adegbite dead

Family sources revealed that he was rushed to the hospital where he reportedly died three hours later.

Two 20-year-olds were arrested in connection with Adegbite’s death. One was released on bail while the second is in police custody.

A gofund me page has been opened for the deceased. Click on the image below to access it.

7 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Student Murdered By Gangsters At Car Park In Barking London… RIP David Adegbite

  1. What a waste of a promising young life and a sad loss to his parents. Nigerian parents, talk to your children not to write tattoos all over their bodies. Unfortunately, some parents especially women, are engraving tattoos all over their bodies nowadays, particularly the breast area. If mothers don’t know better, what will they teach their children? Gangsters easily identify themselves with tattoos, hence, anyone could be easily mistaken for a gang member by mistakenly reading their tattoo wrongly, especially in the dark. We should encourage our children to strive for academic excellence, rather than ghetto style fashion. We should learn from Asian families (Japanese, Chinese whose children come atop of the class). No child dare live under my roof with tattoos. May God console his family, amen.

  2. Lola thank you. Well said. Parents be warned. Nasty fashion instil by some sort of demons. Is because of that he was spotted.

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