Photos: Nigerian Woman Caught Trafficking Drug Concealed In Melon To China

nigerian woman smuggles drug china

May 20, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Woman Faith Obidike Caught Trafficking Drug Concealed In Melon To China

A 38-year-old woman was caught in Lagos yesterday while attempting to smuggle cannabis concealed in melon and other food items to China.

Faith Obudike, a married mother of two was saved from untimely death yesterday as she was about to board a Kenya Airways flight to China.

faith obidike

The Onitsha-based woman said her Whats app friend talked her into drug smuggling business.

Mrs Obidike said she accepted the offer because of the handsome reward awaiting her in China.

Drug trafficking is punishable by death in China.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Woman Caught Trafficking Drug Concealed In Melon To China

  1. This get rich quick mentality is entrenched in our psyche, everyone just scheming new ways to live large not withstanding the consequences. All this money invested in the dangerous biz could have been put to farming or other sustainable ventures, but because people don’t want to wait for things to mature they end up going for this criminal biz. Lucky for you you wee not caught in china. Now face the music and dance!

  2. Mama, count yourself to be lucky, because you were caught here and not in China. It would have sorry case for you. I am very sure, you never gave it a second thought before accepting that deadly offer. You have only succeded in disgracing yourself but you family at large.

  3. Dis Anambra women wit there iron heart..
    Just imagine d shameful act u hv brought upon urself,,
    only God knows wot could hv been d outcome if u were caught in china..

  4. Deceptive appearance. One would have thought she was a pastor’s wife, with her ugly mumuish face. Shame!

  5. Madam dat want to get handsome reward in China, just thank your God, he loves you so much. You for just go die for another man’s country.

    Beware of friends.

    • @D Hunter, I think the reverse is the case here. If many are caught, the business would not be attractive anymore. I believe that even though the NDLEA intercept many of them, much more succeed and eventually lay hold of the big cash with which they tempt fresh greenhorns into joining in the illegal deal.

  6. I’m your neighborhood drug dealer,its your neighborhood crack seller,1,2 what it be,micheal jordan white bitch 23.
    IPOBS been drug dealing since 19BC
    Not shocked,ugly ass lady,crackhead.

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