CBN Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Specimen Naira Currency Notes In Abuja

cbn security guard arrested specimen currency

May 20, 2016 – Central Bank Of Nigeria Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Specimen Naira Currency Notes In Abuja

Vatasama Danladi, a security guard attached to the Central Bank of Nigeria has been arraigned for stealing specimen Naira currency notes.

Danladi got into trouble after he deposited the stolen specimen naira notes amounting to N299,000 at GTB ATM deposit machines in Karu and Mararaba sometime in January 2016.

He got into legal trouble when the bank found the 299 pieces of N1000 marked “specimen” during a process of cash count sometime in January.

He appeared before Justice Kolo of Abuja High Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty.

In view of his plea, counsel to EFCC, Andrew Akoja, urged the court to remand the accused and fix a date for trial.

12 thoughts on “CBN Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Specimen Naira Currency Notes In Abuja

  1. Mumu of the highest order, needs to learn more. why you no steal money? wetin concern u with specimen currency? anyway, am not encouraging you but next time do it right. Mumu thief.

  2. There is no limit to what theives can go to achieve their aims in this country.

    Just the other day, it was reported that a man was caught stealing pedestrain bridge in Lagos. Then there was this other one again who stole the cabble meant for the Light up Lagos project.

    As I see it perhaps someday, you will keep your wine in your Fridge and someone will go steal only the bottle leaving the wine for you. Dont ask me how that is gono be possible, ask Naija niggis.

    I take stroll…

  3. I thought security guards at CBN were well trained and sometimes even educated wow I’m shocked

    • “Federal character”. He must be employed to reflect federal character whether he is educated or not. Big shame.

  4. Specimen? This is why wisdom is so indispensible in this life. Even if you want to be a rogue, you still need wisdom.

  5. Dats y I kip duping this ****northerners,wey u for use d money buy card in bulk,then take off,but cause dem b ozuo na specimen.
    Na dis kind ppl all those 419 money wash wash scammers dey use.

    So u no see real cash,na prototype u go deposit,
    I swear if na saudi arabia u dey,cause say na d same eyes and hand u use carry the money,u deserve permanent short sleeve(amputation).
    Mumu. Of the month.

  6. what an illiterate guy so u don’t know how to read and write ba mumu idiotical of d highest order.

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