Photos: Nigerian Woman Smuggles Cocaine Candies From Dubai To Nigeria, Rose Igbinoba Arrested

cocaine candies lagos airport

May 4, 2016 – Pictures: Dubai-Based Female Drug Dealer Caught Hiding Cocaine Inside Candies At Lagos MMIA Airport

Nigerian Lady Smuggles Cocaine Candies From Dubai To Nigeria, Rose Igbinoba Arrested By NDLEA At Lagos Airport

Miss Rose Igbinoba, a 24-year-old drug trafficker was arrested at MMIA Airport in Lagos yesterday on arrival from Dubai, UAE.

The suspect who hails from Edo State concealed 193 wraps of the banned drug inside 3 customized candy boxes.

The cocaine capsules with street value of over 10 million were seized from the suspect who blamed hardship for the crime.

Rose said the man who introduced her into the business promised to pay her 0.5 million.

See more photos of Rose and the seized drug at the NDLEA office below

11 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Woman Smuggles Cocaine Candies From Dubai To Nigeria, Rose Igbinoba Arrested

  1. Mchew, have you no ears? I get so angry when I hear or see people smuggling cocaine in or out of the county and they got caught….and at the end of the day they blame it on the economy. I no pity you, your pix and name spreading like a wildfire on the internet for a bad purpose. Mchew.

  2. I pity this girl. If only she had known a better mentor! Her beauty shall now lie awaste in some poorly equiped prison facility.

    From the rate at which drug traffickers are nabbed these days, I think that even more smugglers pass undetected. That explains why other people keep trying it and are eventually caught.

  3. Fifelomo,what bad has she done?I mean she did not steal from any body,she didn’t sell her body,she committed no fraud,duped no body,she only got involved in a business and was stopped by greedy narcotic agents in Lagos.she was only caught because of selfishness of her you know how many kilos of drugs that move in and out of our airports daily? For me she is a hero.she will come out stronger and more connected and bet me next time she will succeed.

  4. Don’t blame hardship for crime, you want to get quick money as small as you are, little girl. God catch you

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