Ooni Of Ife’ Ogunwusi Queen Wuraola Otiti’s Lebanese Husband, Elie Khouri Says She Aborted Pregnancy & Abandoned Him


wuraola otiti lebanese husband

March 15, 2016 – Ooni Of Ife’s Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi’s Queen Wuraola Otiti’s Lebanese Husband, Elie Khouri Says She Aborted Pregnancy & Abandoned Him In Dubai

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  • How Ogunwusi Gave Sonia Obahan Wura Because The Oracle Chose Adediwura Adeyemi As The New Olori.
  • Wuraola Otiti Reportedly Aborted Pregnancy From Her Marriage To Lebanese Husband, Elie Khouri

The drama currently unfolding at the palace of the Ooni of Ife is not small.

As we speak, the monarch is currently under fire for allegedly snatching another man’s pregnant wife.

sonia obahan lebanese husband

The above photo was taken in Abuja some days after Elie Khouri met Sonia.

wuraola otiti lebanese husband

Pictured above is Sonia now Wuraola with her husband during their vacation time in South Africa last year

NaijaGists.com just got off the phone from a very reliable source in Ile Ife who told us that the anger of the gods of Ile Ife will soon be obvious because Oba Ogunwusi has committed a sacrilege which has never been done in the history of Ile Ife.

Insiders are alleging that Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi bribed his way into the heart of the kingmakers to force Wuraola Otiti into the kingdom in contrary to the law of the land.

Though NaijaGists.com reported it in a simple manner, the source said there is serious fire on the mountain.

“You can bribe the afobajes but no mortal being can bribe the deities, no way, please mark my words, this boy has ridiculed the throne” – the source told NaijaGists.com in a firm tone.

To confirm what we just heard, NaijaGists.com put a call through to a source in Lekki, who told us the same thing.

“I have never been involved in this scandal because I fear the gods more than humans. The rightful heirs of the throne is the Ogboru Royal House. This kid is from the Giesi ruling house. I know he bought the throne, but he can’t buy the wish of the gods. We shall see how far he will go” – the source said.

The Hot Controversy Between Sonia, Her Lebanese Husband & The Ooni Of Ife

As it stands, the legal husband of Olori Wuraola Otiti, a Lebanese Billionaire identified as Elie Khouri is threatening to expose her because she left for Nigeria under the guise of doing business in Nigeria.

Eli who relocated from Nigeria to Dubai last year said he is still legally married to Sonia now Wuraola. She reportedly left Dubai in a pregnant state and that was the last time he saw her.

An Abuja source close to the situation who pleaded anonymity said Elie is her husband whom she has kids with. They alleged that Wura milked Elie-an expatriate with Sageto, an Abuja based company- dry financially, so much so that he is still trying to recover from the loss.

Elie allegedly kept giving her company money, and she made sure to corner major contracts from Sageto for her brothers and relatives. They said the duo relocated to Dubai last year.

As per her marriage to the Ooni, NaijaGists.com was told today she was one of his girlfriends and he knew her for a little over two weeks before he decided to marry her.

How Ooni Of Ife Tricked The Oracle & Gave Sonia Otiti The Name Wuraola

We learnt that the king consulted the oracle with names of 3 of his girlfriends, one name Adediwura Adeyemi, Sonia Obahan and another one whose name we can’t ascertain at the time of this report.

The oracle chose the name Wura and dropped Sonia and the other girl but the king cunningly gave Sonia Obahan the name Wura.

A reliable source in Ile Ife told NaijaGists.com today that there is disaster looming if amendments are not made quickly.

We shall see how this drama unfolds.