Photos: Pig Gives Birth To Human Baby, Piglet Born With Human Face & Head In China

pig human head china

Feb 16, 2015 – Pictures: Pig Delivers Human Baby, Piglet Born With Human Face & Penis On Forehead In China

Piglet Born With Human Face With Penis Growing On Head Causes Stir At A Farm In Yanan, Nanning China

A farmer based in the ancient town of Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang province in China identified as Tao Lu couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a bizarre creature that was delivered on his farm recently.

The 40-year-old farmer said the mutant piglet which was born on his farm recently has died after refusing to take milk when his mother rejected him.

Lu said when the photo of the bizarre piglet appeared on local TV stations, he started receiving offers in exchange for the animal but sadly the mutant died shortly after birth.

This is what a resident of the area who saw the animal said:

 “I was one of a dozen people who went there to see the piglet, and it really did have human face and exactly like he said, a penis growing out of its forehead.” 

See photos of the piglet born with human head below… VIEWERS DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED

piglet born human head china

piglet born penis head human

pig delivers baby human head china

Someone on that farm must have done something sick with the mother pig.

This is a by-product of bestiality… Very sad!

16 thoughts on “Photos: Pig Gives Birth To Human Baby, Piglet Born With Human Face & Head In China

  1. naijagist I will sue you guys for disrupting my dinner. Horrible horrible photos. Dis world is too sinful. Sodom and Gomorrah generation

  2. It may not be as a result of bestiality; that might just be a malformation in the womb. @Toke, let me judge you, is it by 2:42am that you take your dinner? Your comment was posted by 1:42am(meaning that it was posted 1hr below). By the above evidence, therefore, Naijagists is discharged and acquited. Lol

  3. So d mother pig rejected d piglet? Hahaha! D mother pig get high taste o! E remain monkey wey no fine but im mama still like am.

  4. Haha! people’s stupidity never ceases to entertain. if you are too dumb to properly from a thought stay away from the free exchange of information! for the sake of mankind! it is biologically IMPOSSIBLE for two separate species (in this case allegedly pig & human) to interbreed. Pick up a book and educate yourselves.

  5. There must be some really sad sicko’s out there to want to have sex with a pig it even has the chinese slinted eyes

  6. Not a human face. This is caused by a mutation in hox genes (the genes that tell the body how to arrange itself). Humans and pigs can’t breed.

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