Photos: South African Woman Caught Hiding Cocaine Inside Bra At MMIA Lagos Confesses

south african woman cocaine inside bra

July 26, 2016 – Cocaine Inside Bra: South African Female Drug Trafficker Arrested For The 2nd Time In Lagos

A repeat offender has been nabbed by the officials of Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Lagos.

It was disclosed today that 32-year-old Lerato Lekganyane was caught hiding 1.21kg of cocaine in two packages kept inside her bra at MMIA while trying to board an aircraft to Johannesburg South Africa.

cocaine inside bra

She was caught on May 20 and during investigation, she revealed the identity of the Nigerian man who sponsored her.

south african woman hides cocaine in bra

Lerato and her sponsor will be arraigned before Justice Babs Kuewumi on the 4th of August 2016.

9 thoughts on “Photos: South African Woman Caught Hiding Cocaine Inside Bra At MMIA Lagos Confesses

  1. Repeat offender? Who knows if drug is her calling? She will not have another chance this time around.

  2. The woman is foks up. She was not know say NDLEA are not like to see womens wey are have big breast or big yansh bicos many womens are hide cocane for breast or for yansh. My own is say NDLEA is not fit to catching me. Anything wey they want let them be doing but I can’t posibul to stop igbo smokenity. Smokenity of igbo is make me to dey sharp. It get one song wey Wying Clef was sing. He was say

    Geto is a part of my relijon.
    The only winch my eyes can see.

    He was do mistake. If say is me weyris Wying Clef, wetin I for sing is

    Igbo is a part of my relijon
    The only winch my mouth can chop.
    I am part of igbo and igbo is part of me
    In fat, I am igbo.

  3. She was hoping NDLEA will see her action as merely ” Making Mountain out of mole-hill” but unfortunately the authorities did not get the joke. Sorry ma’am, face the music!!!

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