Photos: Spiritual Fire Destroys Dangote Noodles Factory In Ikorodu Lagos

spiritual fire destroys dangote noodles factory

Oct 14, 2016 – Pictures: Spiritual Fire Destroys Dangote Noodles Factory In Ikorodu Lagos, Multi Million Property Gone

A mystery fire which gutted Dangote Noodles production Factory in Ikorodu area of Lagos yesterday destroyed property worth millions of naira.

As at the time of this report, the source of the fire that gutted the factory located at Ogolonto area of Ikodoru couldn’t be ascertained.

Firefighters tried for over an hour to put out the fire with no success as the fire spread quickly while the staff ran helter-skelter looking for means to put out the fire.

Lagos State Fire Service later deployed more fire fighters with water trucks from Alausa, Ikorodu and Ilupeju to contain the fire.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Spiritual Fire Destroys Dangote Noodles Factory In Ikorodu Lagos

  1. Africa mentality we always believe when something bad happens is a spiritual attack, maybe it electrical problem.

  2. Ha awala people who detected that fire to prove that it was a spiritual fire. things like this are often normal step being primitive with backward mentality

  3. Thank you Victoria. I think the hardship in the country has negatively affected the thinking capacity of average Nigerian. Anything that happens is alluded to be spiritual. When someone is affected with heart attack or stroke, they call it spiritual. And now Dangote’s factory has been gutted with fire and they are calling it “spiritual fire”. From the look of things it is electrical fire.

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