Photos: Tanzanian Lady Buried Alive By Boyfriend Rescued In Pit 8 Months After


tanzanian lady buried alive boyfriend rescued

January 28, 2016 – Pictures: Tanzanian Lady Buried Alive By Wealthy Boyfriend, Sugar Daddy For Money Ritual Rescued In A Deep Pit  8 Months After

This story is a warning to ladies out there looking for love or getting ready to settle down.

Ladies please keep this quote in mind

“Not all that glitters is gold”.

Be extremely prayerful and careful as you look forward to that special man you will spend the rest of your life with.

Back to the story.

These photos of an unidentified lady from Tanzania went viral yesterday after rescuers pulled her out of a deep pit in a remote village in Tanzania.

tanzanian lady buried alive boyfriend

According to sources on the social media, the lady is a very beautiful down to heart girl who never dated poor men. Her last boyfriend, a super wealth building contractor allegedly used her for money ritual.

She was kept alive inside a deep pit for 8 months where she was fed twice weekly before vigilant residents of the area notified the police.

As God will have it, she was pulled out alive.

The alleged ritualist boyfriend has been arrested.

See photos from the rescue operation

tanzanian boyfriend buries girlfriend alive

The moment she was pulled out of the pit.