Photos: Terrorist Attack At Istanbul Airport In Turkey, 10 Dead As Suicide Bombers Open Fire

terrorist attack istanbul turkey

June 28, 2016 – Pictures: Terrorist Attack At Istanbul Airport In Turkey, 10 Dead As Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up

At least 10 people died in a terrorist attack that rocked Istanbul International Airport in Turkey tonight.

According to local news sources, two gunmen opened fire on police post in front of the airport. The suspects sprayed passengers with bullets before blowing themselves up.

Turkey Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag also announced that at least 10 people died in the attack that rocked the airport few hours ago.

CNN reported multiple injuries early on but definitive numbers were not known at that time.

See photos from the scene of the attack

10 thoughts on “Photos: Terrorist Attack At Istanbul Airport In Turkey, 10 Dead As Suicide Bombers Open Fire

  1. When the terrorist knew they will be blowing themselves up, they should have killed innocent people. Rip to the innocent souls.

  2. @Adanna: This is to show you they have their own agenda but our Christian Brothers/Sisters often blame every terrorist acts on Islam when Muslims were the most suffering from it.The same ISIS have destroy Countries like Iraq,Syria,Libya etc which are Islamic Countries.So my question now is did Islam order them to be killing each other?
    Please my people,if you don`t know motives behind all these terrorist activities backed by westerners and their allies in Arab Countries won`t it be better to stop blaming Islam or Muslim for this.If the religion order them,they would have been going for the Christians only but No,they kill Muslims more than any other religion.As the Pope once said” There would no peace in the world as long as people are making money/eating out of it”


  4. @ Adanna, it‘s ok if they kill themselves. They are all children of perdition. The Gospel of peace and salvation and of enternal life through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ means nothing to the perishing. (muslims).

    I take a stroll…

  5. Moshood Ariyo. Sorry is the religion let them continue to kill themselves. Did westerner make announcements to those countries to go kill? what on earth do they gain by Muslims killing each other.

    It is very very sad. Thank God British is out of EU if not this is what some of our generations will face in 100 years to come when Turkey join EU. I believed many people will not feel pity because is terourist killing terrorist just like Boko haram killing their own people cutting their necks like goat seeing their blood and celebrate. Can you imagine. what sort of religion I doubt.

  6. Sad yes is terrorist killing themselves. They enjoy seeing blood and celebrate when they see corpse. Westerners did not tell muslims go kill your brothers is the mentality of the religion.

    Thank God Britain out of EU because this is what will happen if Turkey join EU in few years to come. Our generation will not want to live along side terrorist.

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