Photos & Video: Indian Man Buries Newborn Baby Girl Alive Because He Wanted A Male Child

baby girl buried alive by her father in india

March 30, 2017 – Pictures & Video: Indian Man Who Buried His Newborn Baby Daughter Alive In Jajpur Odisha Because He Wanted A Male Child Arrested

An Indian man has been arrested for burying his baby girl alive in a shallow pit on a farmland in the eastern state of Odisha in India.

indian man buries baby girl alive india

The suspect, Chandra Ramesh was arrested after villagers spotted the tiny feet of the baby girl sticking out from a shallow pit on the farm located withinJajpur area of Odisha.

It was alleged that 35-year-old Chandra, a part time cab driver allegedly snatched the baby from her mother after delivery on Saturday the 25th of March 2017 from where he went to bury her alive.

After his arrest, Chandra told police he buried the baby because he doesn’t have the money to raise a daughter.

The baby girl named Dharitri is currently under observation at a local hospital.

See video from the rescue operation below

6 thoughts on “Photos & Video: Indian Man Buries Newborn Baby Girl Alive Because He Wanted A Male Child

  1. Indian are the most **** and **** people earth. instead to rush the baby to hospital immediately,they are there saying rubbish.

  2. If every parent of girl child buried their daughters alive, who would you marry to give birth to the baby boy you are hoping to have? Wicked man!

  3. MAY THE ANGRY Thunder of God Almighty strike this bunkum of a father 7 times.
    Who told him that a female child is less important than a male child these days?

    It is painful how somebdy in this computer age, this digital age is still operating with an ANALOG Brain.

    I take a stroll…

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