Photos: Yinka Ayefele Robbed In Ado Ekiti..Outrage As Ekiti Area Boys Damaged His Bus & Wheelchair

yinka ayefele robbed in ado ekiti

Nov 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Area Boys Destroy Yinka Ayefele’s Car In Ado Ekiti

Yinka Ayefele Robbed In Ado Ekiti.. Outrage As Ekiti Area Boys Damaged Bus & Wheelchair Of Disabled Gospel Singer

Physically challenged gospel singer Yinka Ayefele sustained minor injury during a robbery attack carried out by some hoodlums at Ewi’s palace in Ado Ekiti last week Thursday, the 27th of October 2016.

According to eyewitnesses, Ayele had earlier ‘dashed’ the area boys N50,000 but as he was about taking his leave, the hoodlums cried out for more settlement money when he ignored their requests, they mobbed him and used stones to break into his 2015 Hyundai H-1 bus.

The suspects currently under trial reportedly stole his phones and damaged his wheelchair.

Here are some photos from the scene of the attack

yinka ayefele vehicle destroyed ado ekitiyinka ayefele wheelchair destroyed ado ekiti

This is gross injustice… This man is physically challenged for crying out loud.

Where is their sense of compassion???

5 thoughts on “Photos: Yinka Ayefele Robbed In Ado Ekiti..Outrage As Ekiti Area Boys Damaged His Bus & Wheelchair

  1. They should use those suspect as a scape goat… that those TOUTS will knw hw to make money on there own, so any of them will not be waiting for anybody…..cuz those celebrities are the root of our happiness ooooooooooo. (STOP ATTACKING OUR CELEBRITIES BECAUSE OF MONEY, U 2 GO & WORK HARDER)

  2. What did you people expect? When the criminal governor of Ekiti state himself is the father of all the state Area boys that he uses for political intimidation and voters fraud. The good news is that Mr.Yinka Ayefele is well and alive.

  3. This is not new story as those guys had been arrested, they will defnitily charged for the offence commited.

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