Pictures: UNICAL Economics Lecturer, Chris Otu Stabbed Student’s Eye With Car Key


chris otu unical lecturer

Nov 22, 2014 – Pictures: UNICAL Economics Lecturer, Ex- Cultist Chris Otu Stabbed Student’s Eye With Car Key

UNICAL, University Of Calabar Student Stabbed By Lecturer, Prof Chris Otu, A Former Cultist

A wicked lecturer at the Department of Economics  in University of Calabar has been fingered as a suspect in a brutal assault case that happened on Friday during lecture.

Mr Chris Otu, a cultist-turned lecturer reportedly attacked his class assistant with his car key yesterday while he was getting ready to teach the students around 12 noon.

The lecturer supposed to start at 10am but he appeared around noon. Upon his arrival the anxious students gathered at CES BUILDING ROOM 7 behind Unical Library for their lecture.

As usual, his class representative took white board markers to him.

According to the students, the lecturer who appeared angry used a book in his hand to hit the student on the head and stabbed him with his car keys before walking him out of the lecture room.

The injured student pictured below was said to have bled profusely as the lecturer who obviously showed no remorse told other students to go and ask around for who he is.

Prof Chris Otu was said to be a former cultist who lost his eyes during a rival gang war.

unical student stabbed by lecturerThe victim

After attacking the above student, he told the other students that nobody can do anything to him.

The students brought the case to the media seeking for justice.

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