Police Arrest 236 Wanted Criminals At RCCG Redemption Camp Auditorium

police arrest criminals rccg redemption camp

June 17, 2016 – Police Arrest 236 Wanted Criminals (Robbers & Kidnappers)At RCCG Redemption Camp, Police Say Criminals Now Using RCCG Auditorium As Hideout

The officials of Ogun state Police command carried out a raid at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG Redemption camp on Lagos-Ibadan road yesterday.

Ogun Police spokesman Muyiwa Adejobi said the raid followed key intelligence report on how criminals are using the auditorium as an hideout after committing crime.

police arrests robbers rccg redemption camp

165 men and 71 women were arrested at the Auditorium around 2am yesterday.

DSP Adejobi said the innocent people among them will be released while those who had no genuine reason to be at the auditorium would be charged to court.

13 thoughts on “Police Arrest 236 Wanted Criminals At RCCG Redemption Camp Auditorium

  1. I doubt the police to live true to their words and release the innocent ones, except money changes hands anyway.

    How come the camp authorities did not know this all along?

  2. Hoodlums only see the large crowd gathering as a lucrative farm ripe for harvesting. They did not go there to worship God or to pray, only to plunder and raid so it is not the fault of the church and no reference should be made suggesting that these people are anything other than the potential criminals on their nefarious businesses.

  3. Police is your friend, bail is free. In this case will the innocent be set free without cash? Thinking aloud…..

  4. The police wants to make money from those they arrested. Even those ones they said they will release after some questioning and if innocent, will not be release without a bail fee of N10,000 – N20,000. This is what they normally do whenever they’re in need of good cash.

  5. The camp authority were not in the the business of scrutinizing people‘s crime records @ Metu.

    Besides, a Church or Christian gathering is free for all to come no restriction, no favoritizm, no discrimination. It‘s not so in other religion.

    One surprise is : What were those criminals listening to at the camp?

    I take a stroll…

  6. Hmm, I bliv d ones that are here to pray for shall be release by HIS grace but d criminals among them will not go free IJN. Cos d presence of God is not a hiding place for criminal hiding in camp under disguise they ave call for strange fire of d LORD n they will definitely get. plz judge not d security of d camp cos there are many entrances to d camp n they are trying their best.

  7. Dis is not good and not right, I want to believe there are better ways dis could av been handled, I don’t like d idea of people going into a house of God and defiling it like dis.

  8. I think those people where homeless looking for where to pass night,bath,maybe travellers that came to negotiate something ,cos hotel accomodation too costly.

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