The Shrine Of Man Who Used His Mother For Ritual In Imo State Destroyed By Police

man used mother for ritual

June 8, 2013  – Police Destroyed The Shrine Of Man Who Used His Mother For Ritual In Imo State

The shrine of controversial Chief Chimezie Bede Osigwe, the man who allegedly killed his mother, embalmed her body and kept the skeleton for about 10 years in his cupboard, has been destroyed by a combined team of Nigeria Police and Imo Security Network.

Vanguard investigations revealed that the demolition commenced, yesterday morning, at Ejemekwuru, Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, as soon as the security men arrived the rural community.

The presence of security personnel and a heavy duty pay-loader in the community elicited fresh anxiety among the people, even as they expressed delight at the destruction of the crime scene that brought collateral shame to the area.

Although it was not clear at press time, who gave the order for the demolition of Osigwe’s house, Vanguard gathered that the action might not be unconnected with the state administration’s stand on pulling down buildings that house criminals.

Some of the indigenes of the area commended the security men for “taking timely and decisive action on the house of crime.”

What baffled the people most was that Osigwe never told anybody what truly happened to his mother or gave the late woman a decent burial until her lifeless body was recovered.

It would be recalled that the police recently arrested Osigwe for allegedly killing his mother and keeping same for 10 years in his cupboard.

[Source: Vanguard]

13 thoughts on “The Shrine Of Man Who Used His Mother For Ritual In Imo State Destroyed By Police

  1. What a child he is, cnt even recall d unconditional luv of a Mother, d sleepless nites she wnt tru wen he waz sick, pains she wnt tru jst 2 mek u happy. Chimezie or wat ur evil name is, i say shame on u cos u dnt know d worth of a MOTHER. U’ll rot in HELL.

  2. That ugly poor man that kill is own mother to be rich,u will get ur own richest in hellfire plus rest human being killer,for what reason,all in heelfire and b4 then,kill them and give animal to eat them, no case court.

  3. I wonder if the mother should have decided to use him for money rituals weather he will seen to day!! I pray that God should forgive him.

    • omg no not me I pray to god he never ever gets the chance to repent, never he deserves hell,please god kill him fast send him on to hell where he belongs.i hate evil, and all them who cause,s evil,

  4. My suggestion to dis matter is dat they will dry dis man as he dried his mother,then grind him and use him to feed some fishes in the river of his village,datz my own judgement cos he does not deserves to lives on earth either inside an ocean or sea,stupid principal.who knows how many of his student he killed in d past 13 or 14yrs ago bf he killed his mother.

  5. can monie buy ur mother i rather die. Gudluck pls monie no de move again pls we de die we no want people 2 b killing bcos of monie market no de bcos no monie

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