Police Finds Corpse Of Hunch Back Murdered For Money Ritual In Edo, 4 Arrested

hunch back murdered ritual edo state

Feb 11, 2017 – Police Find Corpse Of Hunchback Murdered For Money Ritual During Stop & Search In Edo State, Native Doctor & 3 Others Arrested

3 suspected ritualists and a native doctor have been arrested for killing a 62-year-old man for rituals.

The suspects were apprehended at Sabongida-Ora area of Edo state during a traffic search.

The suspects who blamed poverty for the murder of the hunch back confessed that they were taking the corpse to a native doctor’s residence in Ondo state when they were arrested.

They later led police to the house of the native doctor who denied asking the suspects to bring a hunch back for money ritual.

Edo State Police Commissioner Haliru Gwandu said the suspects ( Aluma Sunday; Peter Olotu; Philip Ogeneka and Sunday Ogono) and their accomplice will soon be charged to court.

4 thoughts on “Police Finds Corpse Of Hunch Back Murdered For Money Ritual In Edo, 4 Arrested

  1. THIS kind of heinous crime could be traceable to one desperate politician or one wicked imam like that.

    Whoever did this will never escape the wrath of God here on Earth and Eternity to come.

    I take a stroll…

  2. As if being afflicted with the sickness is not enough burden to bear; the physically challenged also have to face danger from heartless long throat ritualists ?
    RIP to the dead.

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