Police Inspector Rapes 15-Year-Old Girl, SS1 Student At Gunpoint, Family Seeks Justice

girl raped police inspector akwa ibom stateThe victim

July 19, 2016 – Randy Akwa Ibom Police Inspector Allegedly Raped SS1 Student Returning From Church At Gunpoint

SS1 Student, 15-Year-Old Girl Raped By Police Inspector In Akwa Ibom State Cries Out For Justice

15-year-old Mary Udo’s family members in Mkpat Enin LGA of Akwa Ibom State have accused a police inspector attached to Mkpat Enin division of raping their 15 year old daughter at gunpoint.

The SS1 pupil narrated her ordeal during her family visit to The Nation office in Uyo today.

In her words:

“I was coming from church in Ikot Abasi Akpan last Thursday when police stopped me. The Inspector ordered me to step aside and took me to the dark portion of the road. The policeman forcefully ran his fingers through my breasts and asked me why my breasts are this big. After he had forced me to remove my clothes, he ordered me to lie down and open my legs. And what I noticed was that he brought out his penis and inserted it into my vagina. As he was romping over me, he forbade me crying as he threatened to shoot me if I should open my mouth.

“But when I could not bear the pains any longer as blood was running out of my private part, he quickly took me into the vehicle and drove to the station, where he detained me from Thursday till Saturday. It was my uncle, Dr. Ime Stephen that came from Abuja and bailed me out with N10,000.”

She said her mother left her dad when she was a toddler.

Her uncle said her father has been paralyzed since the day he fell from the top of a palm tree.

Akwa Ibom Police Commissioner Murtala Mani said the force had commenced investigation into the case.

24 thoughts on “Police Inspector Rapes 15-Year-Old Girl, SS1 Student At Gunpoint, Family Seeks Justice

  1. Like I say, police are our problems yesterday, today and tomorrow.. I reserve my comments as my anger won’t change anything here. Let d beast continue. If it were mere youth that did such, one wld hear 300years imprisonment…
    Sorry Gal n stop walking alone at night.

  2. What offence is entered against the girl in the station diary – passing on the road and enticement of police officer? God is God and whether or not the police ” lie full pot”; the truth will out. Whoever is conducting the investigation should know that he is human and will one day have daughter(s) even if he has none now, so do the right thing.

  3. I don’t understand this. He raped you and arrested you to boot? How could he be that bold? Raping you and leaving you to go might have ensured that you would not remember his identity. But taking you to the station…?

    It’s either this is a frame up or the police officer is very mad. I just pray that the case is not the former.

  4. I still can’t get this right, after having her forcefully she was arrested and detained only to be bailed with 10k. God where thou your face? Why would any right thinking person rape a minor? Pls @niajagist necessary followup is required. Boldly written in their offices, police is your Frnd! Whose Frnd? Mchew!

  5. @koolz i agree with you this people will forever be our problem… only God has the right judgement in Stock

  6. If truelly he raped, arrested and detained her, then its either he was tryg to frighten her the more so as not to tell or he is mentally deranged, was he d only one at d police station what of d other officers and DPO in charge of d unit. So no one bothered to ask him what d offense of a minor brought into d police station is for.
    This officer needs to be dealt with accordingly and whomever is involved bcos I am looking at a cover up here.
    Unless d police station is filled with mad officers, we really need an update on d story as some things are still not clear.

  7. And the ****** called buhari would say change as come.
    Dis is the mere reason why rapists shud be jailed for life.
    Imagine if such happened in us.
    Infct d police officer, his family, his wife,kids wud regret they ever existed.
    But here in Africa, esp naija.
    Police brutality, unlawful detention, extortion, rape,extra judicial killings
    If those whose sole responsibility is to guide its citizens from danger has now turned the table to be a ruthless rapist, den we are cursed for life.

    Kill the police if you have too,then flee the town for no return.

  8. What prevents the reporter from enquiring on the reason for her arrest and being detained for over two days,knowing well the possibility of her uncle using his connection to turn the tables against the office and allegation of rape being the greatest weapon. I think Metu might be right. Possibility of frame up could not be excluded

  9. What an insult upon injury firstly this is irritating story to hear a police officer whose duty is to look after the people is now responsible for this barbaric brain to rape a girl of 15years old firstly he should be demoted from service and jailed him without delay this is out of order this police man has commited a muderous offence and he should face the music without delay .

  10. No justice in naija police station is 1 of their oga on top.if is in develop country easy, they text her, take the sperm and get dna of the officer, then text everybody on duty and any offices who came to lock or tell others to lock the poor gal up finish. more over no country that will just lock 15 ys under age up,and bail with 10,000 naira only useless country,where no human right and full of law.

  11. In fact… Truth is lost in our midst, anyway God is on His throne to judge us according to our habits.

  12. In fact… Truth is lost in our midst, anyway there is God to judge according to our habits.

  13. @Metu, one way or d other u might be right… but to tell u d truth, I do not c this to be a frame up nor did I c it to be a new habit. Police are like that! The story seems incomplete for a reason or the other. In my own side of view, the police after having satisfied himself rather than let her go, took d gal to d station and laid charges against her. Police as we know are good in cooking up charges with all sorts of unrealistic ingredients to level d taste. Who knows if the policeman has lied that he caught her having sex with her bf along d road side of which the guy evaded arrest while d gal was unlucky?? The gal on d other hand might not be able to defend herself in that station cause many threats has befallen her ears thru d police. We all know most youth of today especially secondary school student fears police n soldiers like hell..
    Let’s take a look at some of d below reasons/suggestions:
    1. D police raped n took d gal to d station rather than let her go while she was bleeding….
    Suggestion: That police must have been well know guiding that location at that same spot as we all know whichever batch of police d DPO dispatch to any location must be recorded. Therefore letting d gal go will definitely bring his picture in, n there is no how he would deny not to hv guided such area.. So d best way was to detain her and lay charges against her. And as a matter of fact he is an inspector therefore, no officer has d right to question his authority other than d DPO.
    2. D gal couldnt defend herself at that moment rather abode by the charges laid against her.
    Suggestion: cos d threats from d inspector has increased her fears of her n or her family members being killed any moment if she dares to spite out what actually happened. Therefore abiding by d accusations made her uncle spent 10k to grant her bail. She must have summoned courage to speak after much insult and pressure from her uncle while away from the station….. (“See my few points”)

    This police committed triple crime of rape, unlawful charges and receiving money with false accusations.

    Though not all police have such barbaric mind to commit heinous crimes.. There are abt 31% good ones and 79% very bad ones. I am friendly with most good ones as I know them in person to be a no-nonsense police officers, inspectors, DPOs, etc.

    You may want to argue with me but if I remember what our captains and commanders do those days while still among d military recruit, u will Infact understand that order than serve d nation, most ppl join Nigerian forces just to obtain gun and rank to creat themselves free permission, free will, free access to commit those crimes they laid waiting for long, in which they will always proof themselves innocent when accused and therefore wld be allowed to go freely. It’s a free world and men in uniform are d most free of all. Well, not withstanding, I left anyway!
    I still hv men in uniform who confides in me, so all this isnt new at all! Let’s wait and see how the story, case and judgements unfolds..

    God is the Greatest George, He alone see all the evil of mankind. Time will definitely come for judgements… I rest my case!

    #LGO: Lyf Goes On#

  14. that police man must be a bastard,what has the poor little girl done to deserve this kind of treatment,shame on the idiot.

  15. If atall this is the true posisition of the event, then God is not sleeping. If any policeman thinks that since he hold the trigger, nothing can happen ti him then nemesis wild find him out one day, one day is always one day. Just one day.

  16. This report is not detailed enough. That police man cannot rape the girl and still took her to station where the said girl was also jailed for more than two days. The raped girl was latter bailed? Am laughing here. The report is funny.

    • @ Endure why are you doubting about the whole ordeal? Anyway you are entitled to your own opinion on this subject but you yourself know how some of our law enforcement misbehave. Consider that teen girl as your own daughter or sister walking back home bleeding and tells you that a psychotic police officer took her virginity without her consent, how would you feel? I think it is time we redefine our law in this Country because what I’m seeing is “Anarchy”where everybody can do whatever he/she feels like with impunity. As commissioner of police have said, they have commenced their investigation perhaps that investigation will end there. As for the commissioner of police, if you fail to properly investigate this case, bear it in mind that the same thing will happen to your female children. It is not a curse but the law of karma. You have to do the right thing in order to prevent the other unscrupulous police officers out there exhibiting such criminal behavior. That police inspector must be brought to justice and dismiss after spending some time in jail. I don’t know what that young girl could have done to this mentally deranged inspector for him to lock the young girl up for 2 good days after forcefully having carnal knowledge of her. I’m really really upset towards this officer. This is unjust and urgently needed national attention. To cap the whole thing, this moron calling himself inspector collected #10,000 Naira from the victim. OMG!! I can’t just stand this.

  17. Police wickedness! This is why I hate policemen. They are evil. My prayer for this girl is that she gets full justice.

  18. Fellow Nigerians’ This case is a pointer to the fact that the world is coming to an end hence conscience of most people are severed if not how can a man in question think of doing what he did without giving a hood that’s bad
    He is typically laying a legacy that will remain on the sands of time both his profession and and to his family at larger
    However lets pray for our country and the world hence the whole universe is going through one thing or the other that is unthinkable, unimaginable, we need to pray

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