Photos: Husband Commits Suicide After Killing Wife & Daughter In Lincolnshire England

man kills wife daughter england

July 20, 2016 – Pictures: Man Commits Suicide After Killing Wife & Daughter Near Swimming Pool In Spalding Lincolnshire England

See more photos of the man who reportedly opened fire on his wife, 50-year-old Claire Hart and his daughter 19-year-old Charlotte Hart before killing himself in Spalding, Lincolnshire yesterday.

man commits suicide in spalding

According to neighbours, the now deceased gunman, 57-year-old Lance Hart showed no sign of depression before the tragedy that happened near the Castle Swimming Pool on Pinchbech Road in Spalding, Lincolnshire East England around 9am on Tuesday the 19th of July 2016.

A neigbour who requested anonymity said the couple were planning on downsizing to a bungalow and move to the village to cut cost but the idea of moving frustrated the woman.

An argument over the imminent move caused Lance Hart to lose his temper. He reportedly shot his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself.

Charlotte Hart Charlotte HartClaire Hart

Police detectives have raided the home of the couple who just sold their mansion.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Husband Commits Suicide After Killing Wife & Daughter In Lincolnshire England

  1. Crazy people, crazy mentality. He could have died alone, instead taking along his family. May the souls of the wife and daughter rip. The man rest in Piece.

  2. Why will it not happen when one can buy and possess a gun in the name of self defence and in most cases this usually turn to be a shoot out killing their own family members and the innocents. I think the western government including the US have to scrap and ban that law that will allow a civilian to possess a fire arm unless you are a retired military officer. This type of massacre is not uncommon in those part of the world especially in US. Many who possess this weapons have never fought an attacker rather their trigger have always being on the innocents. So what’s the essence of that law permitting virtually all civilian to possess fire arm?

  3. He could av just died alone if he knows d pressure was getting too much instead of killing his family as well, unless if it as gotten to d stage whereby d wife was talking of leaving him, which triggered off d wrong note in him. Bcos I know d way dis people reason, they cannot handle any sudden change it usually turns bad for them.
    RIP to d wife and beautiful daughter whom he had selfishly killed.

  4. My God, just imagine! Anyway its the government to be blamed to have allowed some dogs to acquire a private harmful teeths ment for military use only of which they rather used in turning against their opponents (Mainly their families and friends). Gun is always a toy in d American culture. Give a dog a bone n he will definitely attack anyone who comes close be it family or not!!

    Useless man, so sad that u even went to d extent of taking d gal’s life. Even in hell devil himself who sent u will reject u! Well, I pray God will forgive u anyway. RIP to d innocence.


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