Policeman Arrested For Killing Bus Driver In Orile Iganmu Lagos While Escorting Toyota Land Cruiser

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August 31, 2016 – Police Sergeant Isaac Arrested For Killing Bus Driver In Orile Iganmu Lagos While Escorting Toyota Land Cruiser 

A trigger happy policeman has been arrested for allegedly killing a bus driver in the Orile Iganmu area of Lagos State.

The suspect identified as Isaac, attached to the Special Protection Unit was put in handcuffs around 7pm on Sunday after he opened fire on a bus driver identified as Fatai Ajani while escorting a Toyota Land Cruiser with number plate PF 742 SPY to the area.

It was learnt that Sergeant Isaac reportedly ordered everyone to vacate the area during which he allegedly started shooting into the air.

A commercial bus driver who was heading to a nearby bus stop was hit in the process and died.

The matter was reported at the Orile Police division.

Sergeant Isaac and the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser were subsequently arrested.

8 thoughts on “Policeman Arrested For Killing Bus Driver In Orile Iganmu Lagos While Escorting Toyota Land Cruiser

  1. Trigger happy indeed. He stupidity took the life he was meant to protect because a gun was given to him. What’s the reason for opening fire when you’re not under attack? Nonsense!

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Moron !! Most senseless and uncalled for shooting. Now he has plunged the deceased’s family into mourning and his own family into turmoil.

  3. The policeman probably wasn’t officially assign to do the escort services. Because he has access to a firearms so business as usual. Rest in peace to Mr Ajani

    This nation Nigeria needs to intervention

  4. Why was he shooting unnecessarily, if its criminals they ask them to catch now u will see him forgettg his gun and going in d opposite direction. RIP Fatai

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