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Politicians Sponsoring, Supplying Guns To Fulani Herdsmen – Prelate Samuel Kalu Uche Latest News Updates

Politicians Sponsoring, Supplying Guns To Fulani Herdsmen – Prelate Samuel Kalu Uche

prelate kalu

At a news conference in Abuja on Monday, Methodist Church of Nigeria Prelate Dr Samuel Kalu-Uche said that politicians are behind incessant herdsmen attacks.

Kalu  who urged Buhari to arrest those arming herdsmen also advised politicians who think they could rig themselves into elected positions to know that Nigerians were now wiser.

He said:

“I understand that the guns are issued to them by politicians.’’

“Our leaders should learn from the fall of Sadam Hussein, Gadaffi , Idi Amin and Robbert Mugabe.

“Our politicians are not learning. They should not think they are powerful. Power belongs to God. If they think they are powerful, God has a way of dealing with them’’ .

“The people you call herdsmen now were not the ones we knew when we were younger in the 60s.

“Herdsmen live in our villages, they used their staff and control thousands of cattle and we relate well with them, there was no shooting, but now they use gun.”

Urging Nigerians to embrace one and another and live in peace irrespective of religious and political leanings.

“God did not make a mistake in bringing us together.

“We want a united country, where there is peace, harmony, justice, equity and rule of law.

“We do not want a religious country. We should co-habit and co-exist in love.’’

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  1. iron bar

    March 27, 2018 at 3:04 AM

    I love that.speak up and not the lily livered pastorprenuers who sit behind and scene and do nothing.hypocrites

  2. Mon

    March 27, 2018 at 3:06 AM

    Point of correction Dr.Sam, sir, God is not the one who bring us together,rather British people and that’s why the togetherness is not holding.

    And the politicians you are referring to starts from Buhari impostor in Aso rock.

  3. DB

    March 27, 2018 at 1:27 PM

    That is not news. The people supplying them with those weapons will soon be haunted by them. Kogi governor has started purchasing his own, Niger Delta militants have their own and some foolish people are still saying you should wait for the military (which obviously is controlled by fulanis) to protect you. There is no ONE NIGERIA anywhere. It is high time we all woke up from our slumber

  4. Jilo

    March 28, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    Thank you sir for your flawless insight about the situation of these Fulani herdsmen. My thought is also similar to yours and if we Nigerians can at least sit down and think about how this problem emanated, the solution is not all that far instead of being ethnocentric by trying to cause an ethnic war.

    As prelate kalu-Uche had said, this is all about politics. There are some politicians in that constituency who organized this crime in order to destabilized the current administration. As this bishop indicated, Fulanis are not as bad as people portrayed them. They have been rearing their cattle without impacting other neighbors. they are law abiding and now suddenly they have become murders. I believe the people actually committing these atrocities are the indigenous people of that state and they don’t care if many people die as long as they can achieve their objectives. The juicy free money is not forthcoming and their avenue to the treasury has been blocked and they want to infiltrate themselves back into the government, that is their tactics. There are lots of evil people in Nigeria than good people. The president has launched an investigations and the outcome of the investigation revealed that those perpetrators are not real Fulanis. Let us respect the fact that this man has its own intelligence agency working for him and they are capable of unravel the mystery behind this killing.

    Now, coming 2019 as we are clamoring for change, do we have any better candidate from both sides of aisle PDP and APC who is independent and ready to take mantle of power from Buhari? I think there is none. You are complaining of Buhari but in the real sense, do you prefer Atiku, Saraki, Fayose or Melaye to become your next president? No! There are more destroyers in this Country than reformers.
    Thousands of politicians want to contest not because they have the interest of their people in mind but they want to go in there and continuing looting national treasury. All we need now is to stand by this man and work with him. He may not going at the speed you expected him but there are lot of flaws he is trying to correct from last administration.

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