Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Baby 25 Months After Pregnancy

woman gives birth 25 months pregnancy

Feb 27, 2013 – Nigerian Woman Delivers Baby 25 Months After Pregnancy

……Pregnant For 25 Months: Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Baby 25 Months After Pregnancy Conception

With men it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

This popular biblical verse has become a reality in the family of Mr & Mrs Adeoye who believed God for the fruit of the womb for over fourteen years after marriage.

Miraculously, Mrs Oluwakemi Adeoye became pregnant in 2011 and to her surprise nine months after, the baby refuses to come out.

She became worried and started going from one hospital to the other in a bid to find solution to her problem.

But as the Lord will have it, on the 15th of January this year, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl within 5 minutes of labour.

The miracle baby has been christened Emmanuela, Opelope-Jesu, Ite-Oluwa-kii-si Adeoye

God is indeed a miracle working God.

We use this as a point of contact for anyone believing God for the fruit of the womb, the Lord will surely answer you and 9 months after, you will live to glorify God. Amen…..

[Article by Bidemi Oni, reporter]

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19 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Baby 25 Months After Pregnancy

  1. Haha! More like they stole someone’s baby or most likely adopted the baby!
    Chei,Nigerians and their superstitions! I don tire

  2. Speaking as a medical professional, what insane doctor would let her carry her baby for more than 11 months without trying to induce labor or c-section. I find this story hard to believe and it worries me on the issue of quality healthcare in Nigeria

  3. Lord you are so good, Jehovah lord you are wonderful my lord you are excellent.
    thank you lord for this miracleous wonder.

  4. I don’t believe this at all. The story is fabricated Maybe she miscarriaged and got pregnant again later. Any doctor would have gave her a C-section or enduced later after the baby is 2 weeks late.

  5. Bull crap. It is against natural and Gods law for a baby to be in the womb that long. The woman is a liar and her husband is a dope to believe her.

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