Pregnant Igbo Wife Narrates How She Rescued Husband From Pretty Secretary


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Sunday July 31, 2016 – Pregnant Igbo Wife Narrates How She Rescued Husband From Pretty Secretary

My husband’s secretary is a threat to my marriage I hate making mountains out of a mole hill but God has wired women with instincts to know when someone is trying to invade their territory unless that woman is totally insensitive.

Well, I’m one of those women with a high volatile instinct and I pick things off from a mile away. My husband got this pretty young lady as a secretary about 18 months ago when I got pregnant our second child and unable to go to the office as often as I use to.

Hubby insisted that I should not bother till after I must have weaned the baby, I complied. All through my pregnancy and giving birth, I kept hearing from my husband how wonderful and efficient the new secretary was. I didn’t have any reason to be suspicious until she came for the dedication party.

Merely observing her and how she looks at my husband gave her away. I tried to see if my husband feels the same way but it was a bit difficult.

So one day I just paid a surprise visit to my husband’s office and my suspicions were confirmed. My husband is attracted to her as well but for reasons best known to him, he has not made any serious advancement to her.

As a sharp Igbo girl that I am, I quickly took charge and told my husband that I’m back to resume my duties at the office and that the secretary should be transferred to our new branch we just opened.

He protested a little but I was firm and he had to give in to me. I later employed a more matured lady to be in charge of the office business when I was not able to come to work. Ladies, shine your eyes! Don’t allow all these small girls to ruin all that you have laboured to build in your home out of sheer carelessness.

[ Ugonma writes from Lagos ]