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Prices Of Phones In Nigeria Latest News Updates

Prices Of Phones In Nigeria Market 2019: Prices Of iPhone, Gionee, Samsung & Popular Phone Brands In Naija

Prices Of Phones In Nigeria

Prices Of Phones In Nigeria Market 2019: Prices Of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix & Popular Phone Brands In Naija Market Space

This article is a phone guide, specially designed to enlighten you on the various prices of popular smartphone brands in the Nigerian market.

Today, there is great disparity in the prices of smartphones across various phone markets in the country. The analogy here is simple: Mr.A might decide to sell a phone for 50,000, while Mr. B might sell his for 70,000 Naira. The prime factor, in this case, is the issue of DEMAND; with a larger market and higher demand, prices go higher and vice versa.

Prices of Phones in Nigeria Market 2019

Not to digress too far from the point, let us take a look at the various prices of popular phone brands in the Nigerian market space.

Prices of Slot Phones in Nigeria

Slot is one of the most popular phone hubs in Nigeria, with branches in every nook and cranny of the country. It is arguably the most trusted online and offline smartphone store in Nigeria, which is basically because of its fair pricing, compared to other phone stores.

Below are the prices of some selected phone brands in Slot, Nigeria:

  1. Tecno
  • Tecno Spark 2/K7/K7 Plus: 34,000 Naira to 40,000 Naira
  • Tecno Camon 11 Pro/CX/CX Air/X Pro/X/CM: 40,000 Naira to 80,000 Naira
  • Tecno F1/F2 LTE/F3/F3 Pro: 20,000 Naira to 30,000 Naira
  • Tecno Pouvoir 1/2/2 Pro: 33,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira
  • Tecno Phantom 6: 63,000 Naira 
  1. Infinix
  • Infinix Note 4/4 Pro/4 Pro X-Pen/5/5/Pen: 56,000 Naira to 80,000
  • Infinix Hot S3/S3X/4/6/6 Pro: 40,500 to 64,000 Naira
  • Infinix Smart/Smart 2/Smart 2 Pro: 30,000 Naira to 42,000 Naira
  1. iPhone
  • iPhone X/XS/XS Max: 340,000 to 520,000 Naira
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus: 250,000 to 330,000 Naira
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus: 180,000 to 360,000 Naira

Check Slot Nigeria for more.

Prices of Samsung Phones in Nigeria

Samsung is generally considered as the topmost Android flagship in the world. Although it is relatively more expensive than other Android brands, it is, by a long stretch, worth every penny. Samsung is unmatched in terms of class, durability and longevity.

Listed below are the prices of some latest Samsung models in the Nigerian phone market:

  • Galaxy S9: 220,000 Naira
  • Galaxy S9 Plus: 255,000 (64GB)/280,000 (128GB)
  • Galaxy Note 9: 310,000 Naira
  • Galaxy Note 9 Plus: 300,000 Naira
  • Galaxy Tab S4: 250,000 Naira
  • Galaxy Tab S3: 185,000 Naira
  • S8: 195,000 Naira
  • S8 Plus: 220,000 Naira
  • A8 Plus: 150,000 Naira
  • A7 (2018): 115,000 Naira

Prices of Infinix Phones in Nigeria

Infinix is one of the most widely used low-budget Android brands in the world. The smartphone brand has dominated the Nigerian (and African) phone market, basically due to its relative affordability, compared to the high-end flagships like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and others.

Below is a compilation of some latest Infinix models and their respective prices in Nigeria:

  • Note 4: 60,000 Naira
  • Note 4 Pro (X-Pen): 75,000 Naira
  • Note 5: 58,000 Naira
  • Hot 6: 40,000 Naira
  • Hot 6 Pro: 50,000 Naira
  • Hot S3: 57,000 Naira
  • Hot S3X: 65,000 Naira
  • Smart: 32,000 Naira
  • Smart 2: 32,000 Naira
  • Smart 2 Pro: 44,000 Naira

Prices of Tecno Phones in Nigeria

Tecno, alongside its twin brand – Infinix, have taken over the Nigerian phone market. This is largely a result of their less-for-more pricing offer, which is in stark contrast to what is obtainable in the so-called top brands.

Below is a pricing outline of some selected Tecno smartphones:

  • Camon CX Air: 48,000 Naira
  • Camon CX Pro: 80,000 Naira
  • Pourvoir 1: 34,000 Naira
  • Pourvoir 2: 45,000 Naira
  • Spark K7: 35,000 Naira
  • Spark K7 Plus: 37,000 Naira
  • WX3: 23,500 Naira
  • WX3 Pro: 27,000 Naira
  • F3: 25,000 Naira
  • F3 Pro: 26,000 Naira

Prices of Gionee Phones in Nigeria

Gionee is one of the B-classed Android brands in the Nigerian smartphone market. It is not as classy (and not as expensive) as the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony, but it is more classy (and more expensive) than the likes of Tecno, Infinix and iTel among others. As a result of this, middle-class individuals in Nigeria, who couldn’t afford the flagship brands, often prefer Gionee to the low-cost smartphones.

Below is a summary (of prices) of some recently launched Gionee smartphone models:

  • M7: 80,000 Naira
  • A1 Lite: 50,000 Naira
  • A1: 94,000 Naira
  • M6 Mirror: 55,000 Naira
  • F103 Pro: 43,000 Naira
  • X1s: 55,000 Naira
  • P5 Mini: 26,000 Naira
  • S11 Lite: 70,000 Naira
  • F205: 37,000 Naira
  • S6s: 61,500 Naira

Prices of Nokia Phones in Nigeria

Nokia recently joined the Android league, some few years back. And they are gradually slotting their way back into the Nigerian market. While the brand, typically, still maintains its ruggedness, its pricing is also considerably affordable, compared to what is offered by the flagship brands.

Below is a list of latest Nokia smartphones and their respective prices in the Nigerian market:

  • Nokia 3.1: 48,000 Naira
  • Nokia 3: 40,000 Naira
  • Nokia 5.1: 61,000 Naira
  • Nokia 5: 51,000 Naira
  • Nokia 6.1: 90,000 Naira
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus: 95,000 Naira
  • Nokia 6: 76,000 Naira
  • Nokia 7 Plus: 125,000 Naira
  • Nokia 8: 128,000 Naira

Prices of Huawei Phones in Nigeria

Huawei is yet to make headway in the Nigerian (and African) smartphone market. Nevertheless, the brand remains one of the leading smartphone brands in the global phone market. They are in the same class with the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and others.

Although Huawei is relatively less popular in Nigeria, a handful of Nigerians still prefer it to other brands.

So, for those who fancy Huawei smartphones, checkout the prices of their latest models in Nigeria:

  • Mate 10 Pro: 238,000 Naira
  • Mate 10: 232,000 Naira
  • Mate 9: 270,000 Naira
  • Nova 2 Plus: 165,000 Naira
  • Honor 8: 105,000 Naira
  • Honor 8 Lite: 70,000 Naira
  • P10: 195,000 Naira
  • P10 Lite: 125,000 Naira
  • P10 Plus: 240,000 Naira
  • GR5: 90,000 Naira

Prices of HTC Phones in Nigeria

HTC is one of the oldest and most popular smartphone brands in the world. However, since the advent of low-cost smartphones, their market in Nigeria (and Africa) has suffered a significant reduction in sales.

Outlined below are the prices of latest HTC smartphones in Nigeria:

  • Desire 10 Pro: 65,000 Naira
  • Desire 10 Lifestyle: 55,000 Naira
  • Desire 12 Plus: 70,000 Naira
  • 10 EVO: 56,000 Naira
  • U11 Plus: 239,000 Naira
  • One M8: 90,000 Naira
  • U Play: 120,000 Naira
  • One E9 Plus: 50,000 Naira
  • One M9s: 160,000 Naira
  • Desire 728: 32,000 Naira

Cheapest Android Phone Below 5000 Naira

Looking for a brand new Android phone that sells for below 5000 Naira is simply a wild goose chase. In fact, to many people, it is blankly ridiculous.

Nevertheless, there are certain Android phones that sell for below 10,000 Naira. These brands are extremely low-end Android phones, with relatively low spec sets.

Below is a compilation of the cheapest Android phones and their respective prices (in Naira):

  • Prime Ace (Android 4.4): 8,000 Naira
  • Blue Gate 4 (Android 4.2): 9,500 Naira
  • Imose – Ankara (Android 4.4): 8,000 Naira
  • MTN Sm@rt – S720I (Android 4.4.2): 9,600 Naira
  • MTN Sm@rt Mini – S620 (Android 4.2): 9,000 Naira

How Much is iPhone 7 in Nigeria

iPhone 7, though now an old iOS model, still maintains its high pricing range. Depending on location (among other factors), the prices of iPhone 7 generally range from 180,000 to 270,000 Naira.

Specifically, however, the average prices of iPhone 7 in Nigeria have been listed below:

  • iPhone 7 (32 GB): 180,000 Naira
  • iPhone 7 (128 GB): 235,000 Naira
  • iPhone 7 (256 GB): 265,000 Naira

Note: The prices quoted herein are not uniform across board. As such, with respect to location and level of demand, the prices could be higher or considerably lower.

Hope you find this piece helpful?

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