Prince Jide Says Third Wife Henrietta Kosoko Died Of Terminal Illness

henrietta kosoko died terminal illness

June 14, 2016 – Prince Jide Says Third Wife Henrietta Kosoko Died Of Terminal Disease

The veteran Nollywood actor is still mourning his late wife, who died last week Monday at the age of 53.

In an open tribute he wrote for her today, the actor suggests that Henrietta died of terminal illness.

Here is the touching tribute Prince Jide wrote for late Henrietta:

“I find it disheartening that my treasured wife passed away at R-Jolad hospital. It was a terrible shock because the sickness was so brief and never looked like a terminal one.

“My darling Henrietta was not only a wonderful wife and mother but she was my meticulous partner in my profession as well as housekeeper and homemaker. She was a cheerful, friendly person and made many warm friends.

“Rita seldom, if ever criticised any person. Instead, she preferred to refer to their good qualities. My wife was the soul of honesty. She would never shade the truth no matter what the consequences.

“It is difficult for me to estimate Rita. She departs this sinful word with a substantial proportion of me. We did not only fall in love but also built our relationship and were also fond of ourselves till death.

“She inspired me in ways I cannot explain. I have lost a worthy helpmate but I have nothing but happy memories of her in this world.

“Adieu Henrietta Kosoko. I sorrow now for my beloved wife but the burden has been lessened by the many kindness shown my family and me.”

The Nollywood actor who promises to speak more on Henrietta’s death currently lives with his last wife.

As it stands, he still has two more wives, Alhaja Kareemat Kosoko (a businesswoman in her late 50s) and another lady whose name was not disclosed to the media.

14 thoughts on “Prince Jide Says Third Wife Henrietta Kosoko Died Of Terminal Illness

  1. Big Fool, who do you think you are fooling with your deceitful words. Anyway God will reward you for what you did to that woman. She has gone to rest, left you with guilt and troubled conscience.

  2. Mr faworaja I’ll advise you allow the sleeping dog lie. Why all these encomium after the woman had died when it is glaring that you were never there for her when she was alive. You granted an interview after the woman’s death that you heard of her demise through a friend you went out with on an outing,you confirmed it that your friend that broke the news to you got the news through the social media.And you’re now giving the impression that who both sleep and wake from the same bed until her death. We know that women will always run after you because of your complexion and handsomeness irrespective of whether you chase them or not. Baba, I’ll advice you take some caution.

  3. Medicine after death. If truly you love her, y dont you get buried with her! Rita continue to Rip

  4. Fair to say that u both av had a wonderful relationship, but everythg u wrote about her does not go with the way u treated her in d last months of her life, u abandoned her and moved in with another woman, what sort of love and respect av u given her by behaving in dis manner, don’t u know sometimes the loneliness and pain we feel in our hearts tends to do more arm than good. Prinde jide you did not do well. If there is anyway u can rectify ur mistakes I think is by making sure her children are well taken care of.

  5. Uncle Jide, Please seek for Forgiveness of sins from God. It was all over the Social media a while ago how you moved into your new house with a new wife which was described as “Rear rubber” that’s brand new, and the Poor Rita was neglected, she has no choice than moved away from stress, I pity the poor woman. May her soul rest in Peace.

  6. Please stop accusing him so that we don’t sin against God, God knows better. May her soul rest in peace

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